The starship series MOZ7 model officially launched from GEPRC. Continuing the design concept of traditional models while adding personalized protection side plate. Strengthen the details of various mechanical textures, making the drone more nautical and industrial.

MOZ7 supports a maximum of 30.5mm×30.5mm stack installation and is compatible with various VTX and customized cooling systems. Innovative camera fixing method, the left and right alternate camera aluminum parts installation position can realize the switching between 19mm and 20mm size. The fixed print of the camera is reinforced with a carbon plate to make the installation force more uniform and avoid warping and deformation.

Use the SPAN F722-BT-HD V2 stack, and support Bluetooth wireless parameter adjustment. The 2809 motors with HQ7.5*3.7*3 propellers are powerful. At the same time, it is equipped with GEP-M10-DQ GPS to protect long-distance flight. The front receiver antenna prevents the fuselage from blocking the receiver signal due to U-turn in the air.

Use the GEP-VTC6-6000mAh battery to fly for 30 minutes, and with the GoPro 10 to fly for 20 minutes. Choose the DJI O3 version for in-camera recording that supports up to 4K 120FPS to meet your daily shooting needs.

The new series MOZ7 will take you to break the distance and achieve extraordinary images.


 1. The camera uses CNC aluminum alloy side plate, strong and sturdy, compatible with 19mm and 20mm camera mounts.

 2. The flight controller has built-in Bluetooth, mobile phone wireless connection, convenient and fast parameter adjustment.

 3. Personalized protective side plate, effectively protect the safe operation of internal electronic equipment and improve flight reliability, the maximum support for 30.5×30.5mm stack and 30mm*30mm video transmission (outer size) installation.

 4. Adopt DJI O3 VTX, FPV image is clear, stable signal, low delay, long distance, and supports up to 4K/120fps recording.

 5. With H-shaped frame design, smooth flight experience, stable attitude, suitable for long-range flight.

 6. Compatible motor hole position, support 16mm×16mm and 19mm×19mm motor installation.

 7. Adopt built-in anti-sparking filter, and reduce the sound of ignition when powering on. Extend the life of electrical equipment.

 8. Added VTX cooling fins to ensure stable operation during flight.

 9. Equipped with GEP-VTC6-6000mAh battery, the flight time is 30 minutes, and with gopro10, the flight time is 20 minutes.

 10. Mounted with a full range of GoPro cameras, Insta 360 Go2, and Caddx Peanut cameras, the shooting effect is stable and clear.


  • Model: MOZ7
  • Frame: GEP-MOZ7
  • Dimensions: 280mm×310mm
  • Wheelbase: 320mm
  • Top plate: 3.0mm
  • Bottom plate: 3.0mm
  • Arm plate: 6.0mm
  • Splint plate: 3.0mm
  • Camera mount: 2.0mm
  • VTX cover: 1.5mm
  • FC: SPAN F722-HD-BT V2
  • MCU: STM32F722
  • Gyro: 42688-P (SPI)
  • VTX: O3 Air Unit
  • ESC: GEP-BLheli32-50A
  • Propeller: HQ7.5*3.7*3
  • Antenna: Momoda 5.8G RP-SMA LHCP 120MM

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