HummingBird V3.1 AIO Flight Controller  ExpressLRS(ELRS)2.4g with 25mw VTX

Notice: This product is a replacement part specifically designed for the Hummingbird V3 BNF drone. It is not intended for any DIY projects. Utilizing this product in DIY activities, including but not limited to integration with non-NewBeeDrone brand frames/motors or any soldering processes, will void the NewBeeDrone warranty. Any inadvertent damage to the flight controller resulting from such DIY activities will not be covered, and all associated costs will be the responsibility of the user.


  • Hummingbird V3.1 ELRS AIO Flight Controller Spec:
  • MCU: STM32F411
  • GYRO:BMI270 or 42688
  • VTX:  25mw with BeeTX 5.8Ghz Antenna
  • ESC: 12A BLHeliS Pre-Flash with Bluejay 0.19.2 target: O-H-10 48khz
  • ESC Connector: JST-1.0 3Pin
  • OSD: NBD7456 Graphical OSD compatible with Betaflight OSD
  • Receiver: 2.4G Antenna with MHF3 connector
  • Flight Controller Weight: 4.57g(Include antennas and battery connector) RS 3.23
  • Flight Controller Size: Outer dimensions: 29x29x7.6mm
  • Flight Controller Holes: 25.5x25.5mm
  • Battery input: 1S Only
  • Uart1: free
  • Uart2: free
  • Power Plug: Nectar Connector Gold Plated PH2.0 Solid Pin

SPI ELRS3.0 receiver (Binding instruction: power on the drone, push the bind button under the flight controller to get into bind mode. If your remote control is not ELRS3.0 or above version. You will need to update your remote controller ELRS to 3.0 version because betaflight 4.4 will no longer support any lower version of 3.0)


1. NewBeeDrone Github page

Wire Diagram:

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Great it works


I was flying with acro, but it switches to HOR on its own, VTX is not stable, OSD disappears, and it is the worst.
It is such garbage that I can't even use it when flying alone.

They break randomly

On paper, and at first, they are amazing.... except they will randomly break. Out of the 5 I had, 2 lost their VTX, 2 lost the internal ELRS, and one lost an ESC. Granted I crashed sort of hard when I lost one of the vtx's, but the other failures were just when randomly hovering around the house.
I moved to a different flight controller until they release a v4. Having 5 out of 5 fail each less than a week after opening their box... is a pretty bad sign...

Joshua Tran
3/3 aio board failures ,

Bought this board instead of dealing with the hassle of sending boards backs and forth to newbeedrone hoping this would work out better. They did replace my first board for me which was good. However, again on my 3rd flight the board vtx ended up dying. Reflashing the stock hex file didn't work and the vtx wasn't in pit mode any of the times.
I'm having the worst luck with these boards and am tired of spending more money on them just for the vtx to die. 3/3 boards died with a total of less than 15 flights in total. It's even worse that there's no easy way to add an external vtx.


Came with a bad vtx out of the box. Won’t go 5 feet without full snow in the goggles.

Hey Chris
If it got problem out of the box. you can totally contact our customer service. as long as its not physical damage. We will fix or replace it for you. Thank you .