NewBeeDrone Cockroach V3 65mm Brushless Ultra Light Frame


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Introducing the groundbreaking Cockroach True65 Super-Durable Brushless Frame, a revolutionary advancement in design and performance for Tiny Whoop style quads. Building upon our expertise and success with previous models, we have surpassed all expectations to create the market's lightest True65 size whoop frame, weighing in at an astonishing 2.8g, while maintaining exceptional strength and durability.

Taking innovation to new heights, we have integrated a dual flight controller mounting system, inspired by the popular Cockroach75 frame. Now, not only can you mount a flight controller, but also a digital vtx on the frame, providing unparalleled control and compatibility options.

Our dedicated team of engineers left no stone unturned in perfecting every detail of this frame. Utilizing high precision molds, we have achieved best-in-class detailing, setting an industry standard that surpasses both our previous versions and competitors' products.

With its Traditional Looks and Geometry, you can rely on the familiar flight characteristics you love, while enjoying seamless compatibility with the Beebrain and most other popular flight controllers.

But there's even more - we've prioritized ease of use and affordability. Meticulous fine-tuning of key tolerances ensures hassle-free installation and removal, making it a breeze for you to get back to flying.

Crafted from a special Polypropylene material, this frame strikes the perfect balance between lightweight and durable. Struts and essential support components have undergone a complete redesign to optimize stress distribution during crashes and falls, guaranteeing that your quad can withstand the toughest challenges.

Experience the Cockroach True65 Super-Durable Brushless Frame, where innovation meets practicality, and performance meets affordability. Unleash the full potential of your Tiny Whoop style quad with the market's best frame, meticulously crafted to elevate your flying experience to new heights.

Configuration: This frame can be used with or without the carbon fiber base. When used with the carbon fiber base (weighing around 1g, bringing the total weight with the frame to 3.8g), it exhibits significantly less frame resonance and noise, making it ideal for freestyle and normal flying. For racers seeking the lightest setup, removing the carbon fiber frame shaves off weight, ensuring an agile and nimble flight experience.

Size: True 65mm frame
Material: Polypropylene material
Weight: 2.8g
Flight Controller Mount: 25.5x25.5 whoop size flight controller (BeeBrain) x2 (Top and bottom)
Motor Mount: Tri-screw lock base with M1.4 hole 

1x Cockroach V3 Brushless Ultra Light Frame (2.8g)
15x M1.4 2mm Screws Phillips-head
1x Sheet of EVA motor base foam with sticker (10Pcs)


Motor Mount base

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chad Pierce

Honestly a step in the right direction for newbeedrone. Everyone wants lighter and more kv! Bring it NBD set the bar!

Good frame

This is exactly what I have been waiting for!
I had made my own reinforcement plate for the 65mm Whoop when using the 65mm because the 75mm reinforcement plate was wonderfully good, but the V3 eliminates the need for it.

Liam Wilson
Very. Very good.

The new frames are incredible. The meteor65 was unbeatable. Then I moved to the fractal 65 because I love how well a carbon frame tunes up and flies, and while it's great for freestyle, I've recently started racing and I'm not a fan of the bottom mounted battery through corners. Enter the new cockroach frame. Everything I love about a classic whoop frame, but so stiff and with incredibly resilient ducts. Paired with the NBD dual ball bearing flow motors, and the racing canopy, it's an absolute monster. Not a fan of ned's proprietary electronics bs, but they sure have got a winning recipe with the rest. I bought 4 and that should keep me sorted through the season.