Also known as "Bunny Ears." You can now put an Insta360 Go V1 on your Goober Canopy and 75mm Whoop!

This is just the 3D print parts, you will need 2X M2 6-8mm screw to lock the mount on the goober canopy. 

You can also print this mount by your own. 

Recommend Print material: TPU 

Insta Go Mount on Goober Canopy- Design by Dalton


Customer Reviews

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Aadric Allan

works so well

Fpv Budget Builds
Good quick mount

This mount works good, but also works with some other canopy designs as well as some different frame mount applications.

Even it is too small for 360 peanut. but with a rubber band.

Even it is too small for 360 peanuts. but with a rubber band, you will have no problem.

Works for my Runcam thumb

It’s not perfect but it does work for the Runcam thumb. It’s a bit loose but it does hold it well enough. I think it’s more stable then the 2 cases the Runcam thumb comes with.

justin roth
Please make a GO 2 update!

My GO 2 arrived today and I was excited to try out this mount, but it will not fit the GO 2. That should probably be in the description! Who's got the skills to bang out an updated STL file? There's nothing on thingiverse at the time of this review. I thought I might be able to squeeze it in, but it's a no go. In the meantime...duct tape? Otherwise, the quality of the print looks great, and there's now 3 screws included!