Avoid imminent destruction with the TeamBlackSheep Smoke Stopper: A self-healing / resettable fuse in line of the power going to your quad! This 2-in-1 unit makes it a must have for a pilots toolkit for the building area or on the go.

The first time you power your drone is often called the "smoke test". If everything powers up fine, you've passed, if not, you'll be inhaling blue magic smoke and replacing parts! Not with the TBS Smoke Stopper! Compared to standard smoke stoppers, the TBS Smoke Stopper offers much lower trip and hold currents, as well as faster reaction time.


  • Connector: XT30 & XT60 (input and output)
  • Input voltage: 1-14S (3 - 60V)
  • Trip current: 1.0A
  • Hold current: 0.5A

Disclaimer: This is just a fuse. Something may still break by the time the fuse trips. It won't protect against all kinds of damages, but it's still way better than nothing at all!

Customer Reviews

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great smoke stopper. I like how the xt30 overhangs the board allowing
you to easily fit connectors with capacitors and heat shrink on them

Paulie Shortcuts
I guess it works

It has one job to do, unfortunately I haven’t had a bad situation where it had to intervene. But it’s great to have peace of mind it’s available. My 1st drone ever, I didn’t have this and my +- were switched and it popped smoke and I wish I had had one of these. Anyways it’s 10x better than any other since it’s from the awesomesauce of TBS



It's great

A small bit of security for your new builds or rebuilds. There's always that little bit of stress just before you hear those lovely tones.