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    The Goober canopy was made for maximum protection on your BeeBrain Lite board, and looking great with a stream-line stingray inspired shape.

    The canopy uses a neck collar that goes around the BeeEye camera and screws into place holding it securely together to hold up to tough impacts and crashes. A front cap covers the top of the camera lens to help make sure front impacts resist hitting your lens, or as we like to call it "the dad hat".

    3D Print Parts:

    Insta Go Mount on Goober Canopy- Design by Dalton

    PLEASE NOTE: This canopy was designed to fit and work with the BeeEye camera. This is NOT a universal canopy and may not work with other micro FPV cameras. By buying this camera mount, you agree that we cannot guarantee fitment with other cameras. Returns will not be accepted for fitment issues with other cameras.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Bryan Taylor
    Replacement canopy

    Not much to say, stock canopy replacement. It works! Even if it is a GOOBER!

    Jose Marrero Marrero

    I bought in several candles and you are the best thanks

    James Roth
    Almost perfect...

    This is a beautiful and rugged canopy. It's made very well and looks fantastic, however...
    The finicky little camera mounting bracket on the inside is a real bear to get installed! It mounts at an awkward angle with very cramped access to work. The original canopy on my Savage Bee came with this camera mounting bracket broken upon arrival, hence this replacement (which arrived intact). Probably because the bracket is so thin and frail. I wish I could suggest a good design change, but I got nothing. I ended up ditching the camera bracket all together and using a drop of hot glue to hold the camera in the canopy and that works perfect. It's held up to every crash so far. Don't let the flimsy camera bracket stop you from using this canopy.

    Marcus Pickering
    Great canopy- seamless with Bee Eye and NBD DVR Mod.

    They’re holding up great at 1s speed. I’m going to build a 2s TKS and we’ll see how it goes!!! Thanks NBD!!!

    Eulises Avitia
    Great Look

    Easy way to begin customizing the drone and making it unique.

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