FatStraps 2" FPV Goggle Strap for DJI Goggle 2 (Avata)

Product Details

    Upgrade your Goggles with a Military grade, 2" FatStrap. Utilizing a single Molle elastic strap around your head allows your hair to remain unobstructed and beautiful. Increase your comfort and style today!


      Securely snap onto DJI goggles to keep them safe thanks to DOT fasteners. The included Fat Shark/18650 battery holder slides and is removable to suit your power preferences. Keep your battery by your ear, behind your head, or in your pocket.

      Check out the NewBeeDrone pattern!

      Available Colors and Patterns

      • Solid Blue
      • Wiicked Drips
      • Cyber Punk Serpent
      • Hex Camo
      • Sugar Skulls
      • Bandana Black & White
      • Catacombs
      • Dark Chrome Plate
      • Green Smoke
      • Dark Hex
      • Heavy Artillery
      • Digital Blue
      • Purple Camo
      • Phoenix
      • Gemfan Props
      • Digital Red
      • Fatstraps
      • Liquid Purple
      • Old Glory American Flag
      • Olive Drab
      • Orange
      • Synapse
      • Purple Nebula
      • Lethal
      • Mil Spec Khaki
      • Multicam Camo
      • Pin-ups
      • Yellow Military Spec
      • Dark Digital Grey
      • Mil Spec Black
      • Stickerbomb
      • Zombie
      • Chinook
      • Coyote Brown
      • Diamondback
      • Biohazard
      • Mesh Metal

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Mr. DP
      Good Quality

      I like it. Premium quality.

      FatStraps 2" FPV Goggle Strap

      FatStraps 2" FPV Goggle Strap for DJI Goggle 2
      Mil Spec BLK
      Most Certainly Better Than Stock

      Nathan Otis
      Skulls make everything cool...

      It's a strap. It's fat and elastic-y. Also... Skulls! 10 out of 10. Would buy again.

      FatStraps 2” for JDI Goggles 2

      Very comfortable, it help spread the the weight better.

      Daniel Navarro
      The best straps.

      I chose Fatstraps for my DJI Goggles 2 because I had such a positive experience with my original one I got a couple years ago for my DJI Goggles v1. They're the best in my opinion. Comfortable, great build quality, & look awesome.