Introducing the newest brushed motor from Newbeedrone. With windings made from the tail hairs of the elusive unicorn bee, these are some of the fastest brushed motors out in the wild.

These work best with the cockroach frame if each of the nubs supporting the motors from the bottom are trimmed down 2mm (optional). These are even faster than our Gold Motors. While flight time is decreased, grins per minute are definitely up. If you have been itching for some more speed, give these unicorns a try.



      Unicorn Edition Motors

      • KV: 25,500
      • Speed: 93,000 RPM (@ 3.7V)
      • Current Load: 1.0A (@ 3.7V, direct drive)
      • Lifetime Rating: 4-5 hours
      • No Load Current: 200 mA 
      • Start Torque: 22
      • Stall Current: 4500 mA
      • Terminal Resistance: 0.7 Ohms
      • Operating Voltage: 0.5 - 4.35 V


        • Can Diameter: 6mm
        • Can Length: 17mm
        • Shaft Diameter: 0.8mm
        • Shaft Length: 5mm
        • Weight: 2g 
        • Wire Length: 30mm
        • Plug: Micro-JST-1.25

        Package Includes:

        • 4 NBD Unicorn motors (2 CW, 2 CCW)

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 45 reviews
        Fast, fun, fragile

        These motors were awesome. They were very fast. They did get hot. Did not last as long as other motors before burning out.

        Rory Cummings
        Unicorn motors!

        Unicorn motors are next level! Unfortunately I only got to use them for about ten days before my beebrain pro fc fried :( worked super well until then and would buy them again in a heartbeat if I could get a new fc!

        james bell
        not the best motor but they work

        the motors are decent for the price but run extremely hot on any betaflight settings but do work rather decently for a brushed motor and for flight times with my old motors before they died i was getting 4 mins of flight time now i am down to a 1:30 min flight time with a brand new battery. one other issue i have noticed is a very high pitch sound coming from my beebrain pro brushed flight controller when armed like a mosfet is going to die this sound never existed till i installed these motors and your company no longer sells the beebrain pro brushed board so now i cannot replace my flight controller if it dies due to these motors and buying a brushless setup is just not an option for me due to being a stay at home dad and cannot afford to replace my micro quad as they are so expensive to buy new that's why mine was gifted to me and i now feel like my quad is going to die faster now. there is no warranty to cover my situation as i have no proof of purchase due to it being a gift so i am screwed when it dies.

        Ritchel Geist
        Pretty decent motors

        I've never had a 65mm brushed model before, just built my first one. Motors seem to have decent power for their size and the fact that their brushed, only other brushed motors I've had were 8520 so I have nothing to compare them to. Get 3 minutes flight time being fairly heavy on the throttle on a gnb 300mah battery. Nice and smooth, no complaints. No excess voltage sag using solid pin PH 2.0.

        August Bush

        They were nice but didn’t fit my drone that was my fault but wish I could have gotten more use out of them