Wren Weichman
Los Angeles, CA

VFX artist and Youtuber by day, amateur drone pilot by night. I love motion. When I'm not sitting behind a computer simulating motion, you can find me riding a OneWheel to cool drone flying spots to experience the ultimate motion: flight.



Hom Sha

Haihong Sha

Hai Haihong (Hom) Sha is a drone enthusiast and world-class drone pilot. As a pilot of Drone Champions League and World Drone Cup, Hom is constantly pushing the limits of his flying and the status quo of FPV.


Captain Vanover

Alex Vanover
Roanoke, TX

Words to describe Alex Vanover, fast, smooth, precise, and always hungry for the next race to win, enough said.


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Rafael Paiva

Rafa has been the Brazil drone racing champion for the past two years, and he’s ready to make his mark on DRL’s global stage.




Evan Turner
Maryville, TN

My name is Evan (HeadsupFpv) Turner I have been apart of the RC community ever since I can remember and having the opportunity to represent a company like Newbeedrone that is pushing the boundaries of what is possible is a dream come true.



Zoe Stumbaugh
San Diego, CA

Hi! I'm Zoe and I love all things Drones! Follow me on my crazy high-tech adventures as we venture into the future.



Little Stellar Fox

Jamie Ann
South Carolina

For me, FPV is the ultimate escape, and one of the best ways to kill time in most any scenario. I am stoked to be part of the NewBeeDrone team as they not only kill it in the micro game with some of the most top of the line tiny tech, but they also rock some of the best electronics for full size quads. I can’t wait to see where my little guys go this cold season, and what sort of adventures they take me on when the 5” freestyle rigs aren’t the weapon of choice.



Holzii FPV

Jonas Holzapfel

I'm 16 Years old and come from Germany. I've been flying for 2 years with drones and I'm currently one of the Top Pilots in Germany. I fly also for the Korean Drone Champions League Team "Veloce Racing" with some of the best Pilots in the World. NewBeeDrone Products are amazing and I'm super happy to be a part of the NewBeeDrone Team.




Patrick Clarke
Yamhill, OR

Like any good super-hero story, PJC grew up in a small town in Kansas before heading out into the big world. As a child, he read tons of comic books and dreamed about being able to fly. He could often be found running around the house in his Superman Underoos and dishtowel cape saving anyone who didn't run away.

In 2016 he discovered the crazy world of FPV drones, and ditched the cape (but kept the Underoos), and as the creator of Project Mockingbird, continues to try to save the world, one Whoop at a time.


Anthony Knight
Peoria, AZ

I have been racing whoops since June of 2018 and I organize and host weekly whoop races every Thursday night in Phoenix, AZ. I've been flying drones in general since 2015 and have been flying FPV since May of 2017.

Noodle FPV

Del Sutton
Howe, AZ

While going faster is always a focus, my primary focus is expanding the community with more pilots and more events! I am a Marine Corps veteran saved by FPV, been flying for 2 years. Now... stop reading this and go whoop something!!!

Zoroe FPV

Panos Vassiliadis
Oakland, CA

Born in a gypsy compound (it was not a cult) just outside of Jacksonville, Florida, the youngest of 11, I was immediately recognized for my drone-flying skills. That led to eating crayons and glue, which then led to performance art, interpretive dance and finally, crime. It paid. I fly pretty much anything with props but my favorite by far is the NewBeeDrone AcroBee. I like to fly where I’m not invited and mystify muggles with my flying powers.

M-C Laffin

Brady J. McLaughlin
San Diego, CA

I have been flying FPV since September, 2017. I quickly developed a love for the sport of drone racing and am preparing to compete on a national level. I love the thrill of competition, as well as the fellowship of the community. I hope to one day be able to compete in a fully professional environment.


Kyle Varonfakis
San Diego, CA

Just a guy who likes to fly and push the limits of what these amazing machines can do! If you aren't crashing, you aren't flying hard enough! Build-Fly-Crash-Repeat.

Leviathan FPV

Levi Dixon
San Diego, CA

I fly freestyle for the freedom of 3 dimensional flight and its expressive nature. I race quadcopters for the rush and thrill you get trying to be the fastest you can, while pushing the limits of your mental ability.


Ori Paamoni
San Diego, CA



Havard Smeland
Vegårshei, Norway

Full-time photographer and videographer by day and drone pilot by night. I mostly fly race course with Tiny Whoops.

Ark Nabbit

Mani Acera
San Diego, CA



Chris Davis
San Diego, CA

I live on a boat, and I like fast things. That's Captain Davis to you.


Alex Wang
Lexington, MA

I am an everyday high school student that flies FPV as a hobby. Love pushing the cinematic capability of FPV mini quads.


Joseph De Guzman
Manila, Philippines

Joseph has been addicted to FPV since 2017 and has loved every minute of it. He's a proud member of the growing micro drone scene in the Philippines where he's had the chance to meet and fly with amazing pilots from all over the country.



Austin Alshouse

Freestyle pilot. Star Wars Nerd. Rad friend to have.  Brevity is my strong suit.


Tarkusx (TKS)

Kevin Langlois

Since I was kid, I have always been into RC stuff and electronics in general. I discovered whoop and I never stopped learning, practicing and tinkering. One more thing, I always been a open heart and this is why  I always like to share and help other people to get their things up in the air and fly as good as possible whatever it takes!

Whoop On !