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    The Bee Dynamic Rotor (BDR) motors are NewBeeDrone's first Acro Series motors built for the BeeBrain Flight Controller to give you the perfect balance between aggressive flight characteristics and flight time. With the amazing response, we received from our faster than the regular 6x15mm motors, we have decided to now offer you three great options! Check out the options below to find the ones that best fit your flying style.

    Not sure which ones to choose? Here is our recommendation:

    • SILVER Edition - use for indoor flying, for best control around tight spaces and through small gaps
    • BLACK Edition - the middle of the pack, use for both indoor and outdoor flying
    • GOLD Edition - the beasts! Used for outdoor aggressive flying! Finally, you can do Split S dives and Power Loops just like with a full sized racer! Plated with real 24k gold!

    Still not sure? Then grab our sampler pack and try them all out!

    Or get a 3 pack! at a discount that will last you way past the average 6-hour lifespan of brushed motors.

    We also made these with shorter wire leads for a cleaner build on your BeeBrain enabled quad!! Black and white wires signify CCW rotation.

    Pair these motors with the Nitro Nectar 250 packs for maximum punch and best runtime.


        Black Edition Motors

      • KV: 17,400
      • Speed: 64,500 RPM (@ 3.7V)
      • Lifetime Rating: 5-6 hours


        • Can Diameter: 6mm
        • Can Length: 15mm
        • Shaft Diameter: 0.8mm
        • Weight: 1.85g
        • Plug: Micro-JST-1.25

        Package Includes:

        • 4 BLACK Edition BDR motors (2 CW, 2 CCW)


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 19 reviews
        Awesome indoor motors

        Put these on the hummingbird mocking bird edition. Best indoor longest flying smoothist brushed motor. Have same whoop with plaids on also. These black motors are just fun to fly. And very reliable for brushed.

        Works great

        Solid motor, responsive and easy to install.

        Great motors

        I have a QX65 that never flew right. The motors were loose, and would dislodge from their housings. This caused the quad to wobble, have uncommanded yaw spins, and lots of noise and vibrations. I replaced the frame with the cockroach frame, and the black motors paired with the azi tri blades. I also replaced the PH2.0 connector. With the original FC, VTX, canopy, PMB tune, and Newbeedrone parts, it flies great. It is very smooth, and quiet. The quad weighs 20.5g, and I am getting 3.5 to 4 minute flight times with a 300mAH pack. I generally fly micros indoors in angle mode. I am very impressed with these motors, and will definitely try the other brushed motors newbeedrone offers.


        Decent motors, but don't seem to last very long. Don't use these on a heavier build.

        Good motors

        Wanted to try this motors something good for indoor but still good to do some flips and not to bad :+1::skin-tone-3:

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