MK5D-LR7 is a 7-inch model upgraded on the basis of the MARK5 model. For the mainstream video transmission system in the market, it releases four versions: O3 Air Unit, vista, walksnail, and analog version.

The strength of the arm structure is optimized, without losing the original design style, while the strength is higher, and the flight fault tolerance rate is improved. Equipped with GEPRC new small-sized M8U GPS, it provides a strong guarantee for your Long Range flight. MK5D-LR7 uses GEPRC SPAN F722-BT-HD V2 stack. The flight controller is equipped with ICM 42688P gyroscope, which has smooth flight, redundant performance and ports, and supports Bluetooth wireless connection for parameter adjustment. GEP-2806.5 motor, with HQ Prop 7X4X3 propeller, strong power output. When flying with DC structure, no propeller in view, which is suitable for O3 on board recording.

MK5D-LR7 is shipped with two different camera mounting bases, which can be installed with a full range of GoPro action cameras, as well as Naked GoPro 8 10, Insta 360 GO2 and Caddx Peanut, etc., to record beautiful moments for your flight.

This time MK5D-LR7 will take you to see the law of all things and travel between mountains and rivers.


  1. Upgraded lens aluminum alloy side plate, durable and more visual impact.
  2. Built-in Bluetooth, support mobile phone wireless connection for parameter tuning.
  3. The strength of the arm is upgraded, without losing the original style and at the same time, the strength is higher.
  4. The HD version uses DJI new O3 VTX, clear image, stable signal, low-latency, long-distance, and supports up to 4K/120fps recording.
  5. Unique frame shock absorption design, less vibration, safe and stable electronic system operating environment.
  6. Independent capacitor and buzzer compartment, the operating environment of the whole machine is extremely stable, no shaking, no jitter.
  7. Design two kinds of mouting bases, which can be installed with a full range of GoPro cameras, as well as Naked GoPro 8, Insta 360 GO2 and Caddx Peanut cameras. The shooting effect is stable and clear.
  8. With GEP-VTC6-6000mAh battery, the flight time is 30 minutes, and with GoPro 10, the flight time is 20 minutes.


  • Model: MK5D-LR7
  • Brand: GEPRC
  • Frame: GEP-MK5D-LR7
  • Dimensions: 230mm×350mm
  • Wheelbase: 335mm
  • Top plate: 2.5mm
  • Bottom plate: 2.5mm
  • Arm plate: 6.0mm
  • FC system: SPAN F722-BT-HD V2
  • MCU: STM32F722
  • ICM:42688-P (SPI)
  • OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/AT7456E chip
  • ESC: SPAN G50A BLHeli_32 4IN1 50A 4-6S ESC
  • Propeller: HQ Prop 7X4X3 three blade propeller
  • Motor: SPEEDX2 2806.5 1350KV(6S version)
  • GPS: GEP-M8U
  • Weight: 585.0g (MK5D-LR7 O3 version includes 3D printing parts)
  • Receiver version: PNP, TBS NanoRX, ELRS 2.4G, ELRS 915
  • Recommended battery: LiPo 6S 6000mAh(6S version)


1 x MK5D-LR7

4 x HQ Prop 7X4X3 propeller(pair)

2 x Battery strap M20x250mm

2 x Battery strap M20x300mm

2 x Battery Silicone Pads

1 x 3D printed parts

1 x Action cam mount holder

1 x Set of screws

1 x Set of screwdrivers

1 x Antenna fixed tube

Customer Reviews

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Jerry Zhang
Incredibly well tuned and built

I have no clue why no one talks about this quad it's incredible, it flies extremely smooth/controlled and is clearly well built. The way the DJI O3 antennas attach is pretty tight though not sure if this was a design feature but it seems to work.
I can't speak on the actual long range ability because I bought it to put a larger camera on it and don't have an upgraded ELRS transmitter but I have great signal far out.