Our on-board DVR module for static free recordings!


- Input voltage: 5v (plug and play with any BeeEye compatible product)

- Weight: 1.86g

- Compression format: MJPEG

- Video size: 640x480 24fps

- Max size card support: 32G


Please note: The DVR Module is not compatible with the Beebrain Pro, Beebrain V2 and Hummingbird brushless.

NewBeeDrone DVR Module for Whoop FPV Drones

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James Stricker

DVR Module works very well. I have devised special mounting for Hummingbird. See my post on Facebook Tiny Whoop Brushless Group.

Daniel Navarro
Clear video & easy to install

Although I would prefer a higher resolution like 720p or even 1080p, just having a clean, clear DVR recording free of static on my whoops is great. Relatively simple to install & operate, too.

Wesley (slliM)
Still testing

I've done one short test flight on my 2.5" that is still in progress. The DVR works and is very small and lightweight. I did have some breakup and static in the video but was still probably a little better than recording with goggles. The connectors are tiny and don't fit any other standard camera or flight controller so I had to do some customization to get it all connected.

Marcus Pickering
Amazing tech

I really couldn’t be more impressed... and it integrates so perfectly with the Goober Canopy. It’s worth it’s weight!!! People ask me what VTX I’m using to get such an image.... haha. I’m cheating! It’s the NBD DVR!!!


I placed my order with NBD and they shipped out quickly. I was surprised how tiny the NBD DVR is. Works great!!! Can't wait to record more video's with my 75mm ductless Whoop.