NewBeeDrone Max Comfort Goggle Foam for DJI Goggles 2 & Integra / Avatar HD Goggles X - Sponge

Introducing the Goggles 2 Replacement Sponge Foam Paddiing, a comfortable and highly elastic sponge designed specifically for DJI Goggles 2 users. 

Our innovative design includes an increased height of the sponge on both sides, effectively eliminating the problem of side light leakage. The high compressibility of the sponge ensures the optimal distance between the lens and the eyes, resulting in clear images and text. The sponge's increased height at the bottom also provides ample space for the nose, distributing the weight of the goggles evenly across the face instead of the nose. 

Additionally, the sponge's ergonomic shape conforms to the principles of artificial engineering, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit. Experience comfort and optimal functionality with the Goggles 2 sponge.


  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Eliminates light leak with included, optional V Pad for the bridge of the nose.
  • Made out of extra comfortable, Soft Touch NewBeeDrone Comfort Foam.
  • Perfectly sculpted to fit all faces.
  • The perfect thickness for comfort and goggle balance.


  • 23mm at its thickest.
  • 14mm at its thinnest.
  • Color:Grey


  • 1x  NewBeeDrone Max Comfort Goggle Foam for DJI Goggles 2
  • 4x Velcro Pads
  • 1x Nose pad

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jessie Anderson
Good foam

Didn’t realize that it was just two sided tape that stuck the foam on . Didn’t stick that well

Way better than stock not great

My face is pretty narrow and the stock goggles x felt terrible. This is way better but needs more foam on the sides and the bottom. Feels like the goggles are pointed down. I would buy again but still want something better. Coming from stock foam on fatshark hd02 I thought those felt great. I was going to stick to analog with how bad the stock goggles x felt.

Michael Carson
Sponge Foam.

STOP! Save yourself the headache and wasted money. If you have a wide set of eyes and can’t get the goggles 2 to fit, these ARE your answer! I purchased 6 different sets of goggle liners from different manufacturers and these are the only ones that come close to a picture I can see 90% of the screen.

Mostafa Bakir
Great sponge.

Makes the goggles much more comfortable.

Andrew Q
Almost Perfect for Avatar HD Goggles X

Very comfortable, and blocks out the light well.
However for Avatar Goggles X, Seems the design is not optimized, and the foam can cover the proximity sensor unless perfectly aligned.