NewBeeDrone VRDrone RTF is the best kit to start learning FPV. 

How to video: 
Drone Gyro/Accelerometer Calibration:

VRDrone Binding Instruction | A NewBeeDrone Tutorial

VRDrone Modes Overview | A NewBeeDrone Tutorial

VRDrone Monitor Feature Overview | A NewBeeDrone Tutorial

VRDrone OSD Overview | A NewBeeDrone Tutorial

How to Extend Nitro Nectar Battery Life | A NewBeeDrone Tutorial

VRDrone Frame Replacement Options Overview | A NewBeeDrone Tutorial

OpenBox Video by our Customer


Flight Controller
-NewBeeDrone VRDrone V1.0 Develop by NewBeeDrone team, Perfect handling as a Professional FPV drone
-Receiver: BeeSign protocol (NewBeeDrone self developed protocol)
-Brushed ESC 5A per motors JST1.25plug 
-25mw VTX  control by OSD
- Power connector: PH2.O
- Powerful OSD Menu include changing VTX channel and PID adjustment. 

-NewBeeDrone BDR GOLD Edition - 6mm Brushed Motor
-NewBeeDrone Azi (Tri Blade) Micro Propellers 31mm - 0.8mm Shaft 
-NewBeeDrone VRDrone 65mm brushed Frame
-NewBeeDrone Nitro Nectar Gold 250mAh 1S HV LiPo Battery
Remote Control
-NewBeeDrone Beemote V2 VRDrone edition with Beesign Protocol
-Plug N Play for simulator (Joystick mode always ready)
-Battery Size 800mAh
-SmartBattery Protection- The BeemoteV2 power manager system will automatically discharge the battery to storage mode and put the system to sleep if its not been use for more then 7Days. 
Video Goggle(FPV Goggle)
-The goggle is also the container for the drone, Charger and batteries. 
-Monitor comes with super fast channel search, accurate channel lock in. 
-The drone container has build in Battery charger can charge up to 4 batteries at a time. Please use 2Amp USB Power supply. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Yanush Cholaku

He was out of control.

Davis Dunagan
Everything works as advertised.

I wish the drone was more stable in flight. It requires constant control input just to stay level in hover.

Rudy Gonzalez Jr
Bundle Kit

I flew drones yrs ago. I dabbled in all types of drones from tiny whoops to 4 inch freestyle/acro quads to cine dji. Good beginner starter bundle. Definitely worth the $.

De Jesús Adames
$180 down the drain

I bought this kit and was very excited for it to arrive and when it did I had a lot of fun using it. But this fun only lasted less than two days because for some reason the drone started to going to one side when I tried to lift it up. The drone just dragged along the floor even when I had the throttle all the way up, I tried calibration and disconnecting and connecting the motors again but nothing worked. It is really disappointing to have spent almost $200 on something that didn’t even lasted 3 days, I cannot say the product isn’t fun because it is and I had a blast flying it for the short period of time that I had it working, but I feel is disrespectful for the customer that the company do not care about their money that is hardly gained and time. Finally, another thing I was a little disappointed is that the drone doesn’t support recording, this may be obvious to some regular users in the FPV scene, but for a new person trying to explore new hobbies like me it isn’t obvious at all and it’s a little upsetting that they don’t have any advertising of this when you’re purchasing the Kit.

Very good customer service and cool drone

The screen that comes with the drone was broken when it arrived and asked if I could get a replacement with no problem. They were very professional with the problem and would definitely buy again and recommend