Introducing the Ethix Mini 5.8GHz Analog Mini FPV watch/screen. After literally years of going through different production ideas for ways to better this little guy. We finally deciding it's more about the simplicity of use rather than adding all the bells and whistles of a DVR. Obviously keeping things simple also helps the end user save on cost as well. We decided to go with the most user friendly FPV watch style mini monitor out there, 2 buttons, band scan, and 48 channels. This easy to use little monitor will make your life a breeze whether you're working on quads at home and need to check your FPV feed or out in the field and needing to show some bystanders how amazing this hobby is. The Ethix Mini FPV Monitor has you covered.

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Christopher Miller

Ethix Mini FPV Screen

Easy to use, decent build quality

I first saw an off brand version on Amazon, but I knew that I would get a better quality product from NewBeeDrone. I bought two because I am going to try a 3D FPV build. So far, I am happy with both of them! They get slightly warm, which is to be expected, and they have a simple interface to select channels, or auto scan through the channels. The antenna folds into the side of the screen, so don't expect the higher gain you might get from clover antennas.

Saverio Avella
Too small for my Taste!

The watch works well and simple to use, but I found the screen it too small for me.

I ended up selling it and buying a 7” device. If you are on the fence about buying this watch, If possible I would recommend that you physically get your hands on one first either through a friend that has one or go to your local hobby to see if they have one in stock.

Pretty simple

It just works and well....simply finds channel....

Greg Standish
Lots of break up in video

It doesn’t last long for charge