Black Version 2.0mm & 2.5mm Hex Driver

Introducing the perfect field tool that you will carry with you everywhere.
Combining the three most common tools into one tiny and extremely handle little trifecta. Two 8mm prop nut sockets on opposing ends of silky smooth and robust redesigned one-way bearing system enable for quick and smooth prop changes. The silver side is for loosening and black side tightening. These 8mm hex sockets are Accompanied by the most common of all FPV drone bolt sizes 2.5mm and 2mm hex drivers. This tool is all you'll ever need in a pinch and will outlast your aircraft many times over.

-Mr. Steele

White Version 1.5mm Hex Driver and Flat Head Screw Driver

Have a gander at the new Ethix prop tool 1.5! Just like the original black tool there are two color coordinated 8mm smooth ratcheting wrenches (silver = loosening & black = tightening). As before two set screw removable tools on the perpendicular axis, which now consists of a 1.5mm hex & flat heat screw driver. You can’t have enough of these Ethix prop tools. Conveniently change props with ease and now the 1.5mm & flat head make servicing your bell replacements quicker than ever.


Customer Reviews

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The ratchet is completly sillent, something I didnt expect but is sure welcome.

Robert Rittenhouse
Wish I picked this up sooner

I got a small ratcheting box wrench when I picked up my first 5" about a year ago. It works fine, but this thing is just so much more convenient, definitely worth the few extra bucks!

Ammar ziadah

Handy tool

Great tool to have in your kit

I really like this prop tool, very useful and doesn't take up much space, this is the second one I purchase, Now I can leave the first one in my back pack and have the second one on the bench.

One of the most useful ethix products

There are many overhyped Ethix products, but this proptool is 10/10.