Combination Race Wire and 6 RGB LED lights. Whether the motors are turning or not, the FETtec Race Wire 6 lights up with full led control via data modulation on esc motor phase and one gnd cable. No additional data or power cables needed.

Instant led control while motors are not turning, keeping the last set color when motors start to spin.

Plug and play with the latest FETtec esc firmware.


  • 6 WS2812 2020 RGB LEDs, bright and every color choosable
  • Easy handling
  • Only one additional GND-wire needed when connected to FETtec ESC
  • Low resistance
  • For use with 3 - 6s
  • 2 FETtec Race Wire 6 can be combined on one arm
  • Configurable via FETtec Configurator / KISS GUI, Transmitter and OSD
  • Weight: 1g
  • 8 mm x 35 mm


FETtec Race Wire 6
2x FETtec Race Wire 6

Download Manual