• Material: PC
  • Quantity: 8PCS (4 X CW 4 X CCW)
  • Paddle Disk Diameter: 31mm
  • Weight: 0.28g
  • Mounting Hole: 0.8mm
  • Center Thickness: 5mm
  • Max Blade Width: 5.71mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Aadric Allan

always nice to have extras

Dan Sullinger
I tried and went back to quad blades

these will give you more flight time, but the same gemfan in quad blade give you more punch.

Triblades are the way

For 65mm whoops, specially brushed ones, I think these Gemfans are the way to go. The Azi are lighter and more balanced, and if they were comparable in price, I'd probably go with those, but if you plan to fly a lot, these are a bit more durable and a great in-between the 4 and 2 blade (duh, I know) but from what I've measured they tend to be the most efficient in terms of thrust and energy usage as I get a good 30s-45s more on a 250mah with these compared to the 4 blade with the way I fly.

Elliott Rivera
Gemfan Triblades are awesome!!!

I'm using these Gemfan Triblades on my NBD BeeBrain Pro and just love how they grip and hug the corners for racing! They're also amazing for freestyling! No matter what type of style, these Gemfans can handle it all!!!

Tim Newman
Subjectivity doesn't help

I dont think its appropriate to review a product without having facts. I havent measured thrust, power draw v rpm or effluxion velocity so all I can say is they look good and they fit.
I cant say if they are stiff enough as I cant tell if they flex under load either.
For durability I also cant say as I havent tested under known shock loading.
All props should come with this data in their specification but unfortunately they don't. Im sure the OEM does these tests so the info is there.
Im certainly happy with NBD.