Hoodman Weighted Drone Landing Pad - 5ft


  • Keeps your camera lens and gimble clean during takeoff / landing
  • Protects rotors from tall grass and pebble strikes
  • Prevents dirt from going through motor bearings
  • Easy setup springs into shape when released from carry bag
  • Weighted perimeter keeps pad in place without stakes
  • Rugged, bright orange pad is easily found when returning to base
  • Black heliport and compass heading markings
  • Collapses quickly into three circles 33% deployed size
  • Carry bag with shoulder strap for easy storage and transport
  • Rustproof components clean up with wet towel
  • Pad visually alerts pilots in manned aircraft above a drone is flying




2 Ft 1.5 lbs 10 in
HDLP3 3 Ft 3.2 lbs 13 in
HDLP 5 Ft 8.2 lbs 20 in
HDLP8 8 Ft  21 lbs 27 in
HDLP8C 8 Ft 24 lbs 27 in


Open any drone UAV magazine and chances are pretty high you will see pictures of an orange Hoodman landing pad in use by commercial drone pilots featured in the articles. Hoodman is the originator of rugged, weighted perimeter drone landing pads that do not require stakes to keep them in place. We are happy to be the only firm to offer a complete line of drone landing pads to suit your specific drone size.

Our Landing / Launch Pads make sure your camera and gimbal remain clean throughout takeoff… dirty, dusty, sandy launch areas are notorious for propwash pulverizing camera lenses and gimbals with anything that is loose in the take off or landing zone. Tall grass and pebble prop strikes can be eliminated by deploying the Hoodman landing pad. For safety’s sake, you clearly mark your drone ground operation site so folks standing by are clear that your drone is taking off and landing on the bright orange pad. Manned aircraft above receive the visual que that you are flying a drone in the area when they see your pad.

Set up is easy. The spring-loaded pad pops open when you take it out of its convenient carry bag. The handy compose rose printed around the pad is next pointed to the North so that should you lose your bearings while in flight, a quick look at the launch pad will bring you back to compass situational awareness.

The pad folds up into 3 concentric circles and becomes 33% of its deployed size. The carry bag with shoulder strap make stowing and transporting the pad easy. The pad’s rustproof components make clean up easy with a wet towel. An investment in a Hoodman Landing pad just makes good sense. If you are flying at night, be sure to check out our light kits to add even more safety to your flying.

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1 Year Warranty
Free of manufacturer defects


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