Nitro Nectar 18650 Li-Ion Cells for Goggle Batteries

These two Li-Ion cells are perfect for use in a goggle battery! With 2600mAh of capacity each and a 12C discharge rating, these cells will provide plenty of battery life.

As a Flight Battery

The Nitro Nectar 18650 Li-Ion cells can be used in a flight battery but do not perform as well as flight-optimized batteries due to their lower discharge rating.

Compared to the Sony VTC6 3000mAh Li-Ion, the Nitro Nectar achieved 12 minutes of flight versus 15 minutes for the Sony cells. 


  • 2x Individual Li-Ion 18650 2600mAh 12C Cells.
  • 1x plastic carrying case.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ernesto A
Great batteries, good performance

Using in my goggles and in TX. In TX they work great as it uses a pair of them. Kind of short battery life on my goggles that only use one, but I charge both and just swap them out which works fine.

Gave them a try

One of four cells purchased has an issue with capacity. Unsure of long term durability (discharge/charge cycles). Have ordered KeepPower button top protected and Panasonic 18650B and BE flat top cells from a online battery retailer for ~7 years. Zero defects. Durable cells. NBD Nectars now sit on the bench to power the fan used to keep the VTX cool or suck away flux smoke. Panasonic 18650BE sit in the RM Pocket. 600 more mAh for the same price.


Great quality 18650 batteries

Mostafa Bakir
Great batteries.

Great batteries for my jumper t20

Przemek W.
Work Great

Used these in my RadioMaster Pocket Controller and so far they are working great. They look cool, but unfortunately you can’t see them when installed. So far these are holding up well and I’m not seeing any issues.