NewBeeDrone Pagoda Antenna DIY Kit LHCP 

Introducing the NewBeeDrone DIY Pagoda Antenna Kit!

Who doesn't love a little DIY project? With the NewBeeDrone Pagoda 5.8ghz DIY Kit, you can feel satisfied knowing your great FPV range is your doing. Next time you're out flying and have to explain how you personally built your quad, you can say you even built your antenna! Show off the only hexagonal shape pagoda antenna on the market at your next race or meet. Ever try to build a cloverleaf style 5.8ghz antenna? It's HARD!!! Not this kit. Now you can easily build your own pagoda antenna at home and all you need is a Soldering iron. The kit comes with a jig to perfectly and easily space the pagoda PCBs during construction. The antenna can be used as a receiver or transmitter antenna and pairs well with other LHCP circular polarized antenna styles. The coax cable is semi-rigid and has a standard SMA connector.



  • Size - 52mm x 23mm
  • Weight - 7 grams
  • Band - 5.8ghz
  • Polarization - LHCP or RHCP
  • Gain - 2dbic
  • Radiation Efficiency 96.5%
  • Axial Ratio - <1.3
  • Standing-wave ratio - S11 < -20 dB
  • VSWR < 1.22
  • Connector - SMA


Customer Reviews

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works a little better than my stock immersion rc omi

Joshua Hicks
I like it

I got this in a honey package... I sodered it together, it's small, it seems to perform very well.I use this with a newbeedrone linear patch antenna with my TrueD reciever, seems good.