Say hello to your new favorite 5" motor! 😍🔥👋🏼

Perfect for ALL types of 5" mini-quads!


These motors are an entire new size and therefore an entirely new flight feel and characteristics! The 2604 size is like nothing you've ever flown before! MORE POWER and SMOOTHER at THE SAME TIME! 😯😯😍

Designed 100% by Stan FPV and manufactured by TMotor with their highest quality materials available - this motor is top shelf in terms of everything! Nothing was spared and even new technologies were made to facilitate what Stan needed for his own professional work and after months of design and testing it is finally available to everyone and IN-STOCK! 🤘🏼🔥

Sample Flight Video:

The theory behind these motors lies in the low/wide design, producing a much higher amount of torque for the ability to handle the highest pitch props with ease. Being so wide it acts like a freewheel in a car, buffering and smoothing the entire system! The effect helps everything from frame vibrations to FC gyro data /calculation, Rx input and more! It's very noticeable in a very positive way! 🙂

You get this unbelievable amount of power and the motor brings it on very smoothly - therefore enabling it to be much more controlled and smooth with less correction and higher performance!

The smaller the diameter of a motor the more "responsive" they are and the quicker they "change" speeds but the less overall "torque" and oomph. In my experience thats not actually very good in real life performance. For example, when an ice skater's arms are tucked to their body is when they spin the fastest. They start / end by spreading their arms out wider to start to spin / slow down and to start with / regain their balance) especially for cinematic flight we want the exact opposite of "responsiveness" actually.. We want our quad to keep its line and not bobble around while being powerful when we want it and to get the longest flight time while pleasing those prior goals. We want that balance cycle of the ice skater's spin and the "flywheel" like effect for much smoother and more powerful/efficient CINEMATIC / FREESTYLE / RACING flights.. This motor does just that! 🔥🔥🔥

The flight feel of this motor is like giving a 2207 or 2306 steroids and a Xanax at the same time! 😂🤘🏼🔥 You can still race fast race courses (even faster actually with the increased power!) and have all the control you need but you lose the twitchy in between moves you're nerves making! There is also not a better motor out there for 5" Cinematic and Freestyle Flight! It all feels much more locked in and smooth! 

Same with freestyle - it helps create a smoother flight with more power available if needed and efficiency when you don't! 

Oh yeah, these things are tremendously efficient if you don't step on them too hard - they've gotten over 15 mins flight time with a Hero9!! (running x2 1500 4s). And if you want the "oomph" they are powerful enough to FLUTTER an S5 prop! 😂🔥💪🏽

Being low in height also increases the strength of the shaft in the event of sideways force (a crash) by decreasing the length of the lever of force applied. In short terms, it makes them nearly indestructible!

Racers can also appreciate the increased smooth power of these motors on race day and will handle the highest prop pitch with ease! These are much more powerful than a 2207 or 2306! 🏋️ And about the same weight or lighter! ⚖

The 2604 is available in two prop mounts as well so you have even more options! Available in the traditional 5mm shaft version and also an all new design which is the first of its kind to bring T-Mount props to larger more powerful quads! 

The 5mm Mount version has the same 5mm shaft and nut as all other 5" motors, fits existing props and is meant for 5"-6" Cinematic, Freestyle, and Racing builds

The all-new T-Mount is invisible capable and meant specifically for the Cine-Bird XL and 5"/6" Toothpicks!

The new T-Mount is the absolute strongest and most powerful T-Mount ever made! No joke! Here's the story: I originally designed this motor specifically for my Cine-Bird XL so that it could handle larger 5" and 6" props on 3s and 4s. For these larger T-Mount props we couldn't use aluminum like usual because the intense force of even spinning would strip them and we needed to retain the 5mm internal shaft and under screw (no C-clip ☺) so TMotors engineers and I went back to the drawing board to solve these problems and the result is absolutely fantastic

We made the full 5mm hollow titanium shaft slammed as low as it could be for improved durability and had it move up thru the lowered motor until it gets the the top then it branches out to accept T-Mount bolt threads right into the titanium! Mixed with hard steel M2 T-Mount bolts that come with the motors there is a very secure and strong connection that won't strip out even in crashes! And when the 6" T mount props come out they are already designed to work with these motors very well on the Cine-Bird XL or 6" Toothpick builds running 3s-4s!! (6" T mount props are on the way 😉)🔥🔥

The T-Mount version 2604 is even "lower" than the 5mm (only 13.5mm high!) and it is completely invisible on the Cine-Bird XL!! It is perfect for the Cine-Bird XL for 5" and 6" T-Mount props and also 4"-6" toothpick builds! ♥

Almost any 5" FPV drone can benefit from switching to these or building your new rig with these 2604 motors - I have worked extremely hard to make them a reality and now you can enjoy them too! 🤘🏼

Fly like a Bird! 🦅



Suggested Prop (5mm): HQ Ethix S5(5"), HQ Ethix K2(6")

Suggested Prop (T-Mount): HQ T5x3 or T5x2x3

Motor Mount Hole Size: 16x16

Prop Mount Options: 5mm / T-Mount

Motor Stator Size: 2604

KV (Revolutions per Volt): 2410kv

Weight (T-Mount w/ wires): 29.1g

Shaft: 5mm Hollow Titanium

Bearings: EZO

Wire Length: 170mm x 20AWG

Lipo Cell (prop size - cell): 4" - 5s / 5" - 4s / 6" - 3s



  • (1) Stan FPV 2604 2410kv Pro Motor
  • (1) 5mm Prop Nut (5mm Mount Version) 
  • (2) M2x8 Steel T-Mount Screws (T-Mount Version)
  • (4) M3 Frame Mounting Screws