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Mostafa Bakir
Great lens.

Works great.

Brian Ladmirault
Finally a reasonable option/or any option

They work well, oh yeah, and you can actually get them! DJI diopters are slightly higher quality, but you haven’t been able to get them for a long time. The surround is plastic and the lens is not solidly secure, but I would deffinatly buy again. Good optics at a good price. I can finally see in my second set of goggles. I have the DJI diopters in my V1’s. Both are very useable, and so nice not having to cram my glasses inside my second pair of goggles now.

Doug Liles
These work great!

Very Happy to have these. The difference is amazing.

Works great for me!

My normal glasses prescription is 4.75 or 5.0 in one eye, and 5.5 in the other, so I got one set of 5.0 and one set of 5.5. This combo works pretty good for me although the eye that is closer to 4.75 is a little fuzzy when I look at the edges of the screen. oh well, it is still good enough for flying and is so much more comfortable than trying to cram my glasses between my face and the screen, along with the fogging and smudging that usually results in. Like that these also act as a protector for the DJI lenses, and that I now have a spare pair incase the first set get damaged scratched or lost. quick install and seems to stay put even when tossing into my go bag.

William Miranda
I can see ! Thank you NBD & SunnyLife

Love the corrective lenses ! The best spent money ever !