The True-MoX 900 series is our revision of the moxon using latest 3D electromagnetic simulation tools and RF rated PCB material. Interactions with radio or pilot’s body are kept at near zero thanks to our patent pending design. Great for FRsky R9M. Note that this is not a patch, do not point the flat part toward the target. Point the long edge of the white panel toward the intended flight area. Having the long edge vertical produce vertical polarization


  • Frequencies: 868 MHz Version: 850-890MHz | 915 MHz Version: 902-925 MHz
  • Gain:5.4dBi
  • Beam width*: 156deg
  • Beam width @-3dB**: 133deg
  • Connector: SMA or RP-SMA
  • Dimensions: 109mm x 165mm

*Coverage where reception is at least equivalent to an omni.
**Coverage where at least 70% of the max range is obtained.

Patent pending.

Customer Reviews

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Ray B
Great Antenna

Little surprised by the size but the performance is fantastic. I didnt have drop out issues but I have noticed a definite increase in RSSI at long range. Remember to turn the antenna vertical to the radio.