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The Immersion RC Ghost Ultimate Hybrid 5.8GHz VTX & 2.4GHz takes the innovative Ghost Hybrid concept to a new level, with the traditional long-range/low latency Ghost uplink, and a high-power Tramp video transmitter, packaged in a beautiful anodized heatsink. When flying between mountain peaks, launching several km from the pilot, and flying at >200km/h following aerial acrobats, there are not many systems that are trusted. ImmersionRC works with some of the best in the business, to provide reliability and performance which is second to none. The Ultimate Hybrid has been tested for months by some of the most respected pilots in FPV. The Ghost Ultimate Hybrid features intelligent and direct control of the video transmitter from the Ghost ecosystem. Use either the OLED menus on the Ghost Transmitter module, or the responsive OpenTx tools menu. Tx remains silent on power-up, shuts down immediately in an (unlikely) failsafe. Designed to mount seamlessly to any frame designed for Caddx Vista™ system, the Ultimate Hybrid mounts in seconds to a huge number of commercially available frames. For traditional frames without support for digital transmitters, a couple of M2 holes in the top plate is all that it takes to securely mount the Hybrid. As with all Ghost Hybrids, a choice of solder-free connector, or solder pads, to hook it up. Just 4 wires to connect to the flight controller.

VIDEO: Immersionrc Ghost Hybrid


  •  Standard mounting pattern for digital vTx’s (Caddx Vista™)
  • 2s-6s HV operation, no need for a 5V supply
  • 5.8GHz 10-1500mW Video Transmitter *
  • Thermally regulated, Factory calibrated
  • Only 10.3g with heatsink, 3.1g without
  • 2.4GHz LoRa and FLRC Control
  • Onboard Ghost Uno Receiver
  • Long range AND low latency
  • All 48 Standard Channels
  • 500Hz updates *


  • Serial Formats: GHST, SBus, SBus-Fast (200k) , SRXL-2 (400k), SBus Inverted
  • Antenna Connectors: Standard U.FL with Locking Connectors
  • vTx Transmit Power: +25mW (EU), 1W (USA), 1.5W (Intl)
  • Firmware: Over-the-air (OTA) upgradable (Rx and VTx)
  • Sensitivity: -117dBm in Long Range mode
  • Dimensions: 31mm x 30mm x 7mm
  • vTx Control: Automatic, via Ghost
  • vDownlink RF Power: +13dBm
  • Power Supply: 2s-6s HV


  • Sbus is inverted by definition, SBus Inverted flips it over so that it doesn’t require inverters on F4 FCs
  • Available vTx channels and power may vary from region to region to comply with local regulations
  • GHST protocol is available in Betaflight 4.3, OpenTx, EdgeTx, PX4, and iNav.
  • 1kHz ready for when OpenTx can supply quality data at this rate
  • EU units are limited to 25mW, US units limited to 1000mW


  • 1x Immersion RC Ghost Ultimate Hybrid 5.8GHz VTX & 2.4GHz
  • 1x qTee Antenna
  • 1x Wire Harness
  • 1x U.FL to SMA

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