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NewBeeDrone Cockroach Brushless Extreme-Durable Frame 75mm

Design Intent:

For this frame we worked to develop a platform that would neither fall below expectations nor limit the creativity of the FPV community. The Cockroach 75mm is lightweight and versatile. We improved durability and worked to deliver a vibrational signature that made tuning easier so you can get the most performance out of NewBeeDrone flight controllers and motors. Every gram of frame material was either added or taken away to ensure that what was left was there for a reason.

Lightweight and Durable:

We found a more forgiving and resilient material that doesn't sacrifice in weight or stiffness. Struts and other key support components have been redesigned to distribute and dissipate stress from crashes and falls with a total weight 6.98g.

Traditional Looks and Geometry:

This 75mm Cockroach frame has adaptable FC locations and a multitude of additional mounting points across the frame. We delivered a frame that has 2 board locations with 1x1inch or 25.4x25.4mm hole spacing. One mounting location on top and another below to mount an additional board like a DVR or a 4K HD recording board. The 2-board mounting adaptability allows for the possibility for a pusher-style flying configuration to be used as well.

1mm Carbon Fiber Plate

A 1mm carbon plate is included for increased durability insurance. Though the frame can be flown without it, the carbon allows for additional adaptability and opens the frames use for exciting opportunities in a pusher-style configuration. Flip the frame over and install. Please be aware, the motor screws that come with the 75mm frame are expected to be used with the carbon fiber. If you choose to use them without the carbon fiber plate – the screws may contact the motor PCB.

This 75mm frame does not come with just one limiting battery mounting solution. We understand that depending on the utility and flying style, many people want to run one or two 300mah Nitro Nector Golds in the traditional battery position or in a ‘toilet-tank’ position. We have developed several printable, TPU, battery mount solutions to use with the frame and are always open to your suggestions.

Included are 4 3D printed mounting tabs. Use 2 to mount one Nitro Nectar Gold 1s Battery and all 4 to mount 2x Nitro Nectar Gold 1s Batteries. When using 2 batteries, you can choose to run them in either series (2s) to increase voltage or parallel (1s) to increase capacity.

Easy and Inexpensive. None of this is any good if its super difficult to use and/or super expensive. So we made sure we set out to make something affordable. Key tolerances have also been fine tuned to make installation and removal much easier.

Any of our other whoop BNF's can be directly dropped-in into the 75mm frame. However, in some cases, the motor wires are just a touch too short. We recommend picking up some longer motor wires just in case.

JST Whoop Motor Wire Replacement Set

Build Recommendations

Controlled Indoor Flying: 


  • 1mm Carbon Fiber Plate (included)
  • 1s to 2s TPU Battery Mount Setup (included)
  • Insta360 Go Mount

Outdoor or Long Range Flying:

    3D Print parts:

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 62 reviews
      Camilo Jaramillo
      Plastic frame is fragile. Carbon frame is awesome

      I´m not a good Whoop pilot so I crash very often. I can tell that the plastic frame broke many times. It is not flexible, is very rigid. So it brokes very easy. In the other hand the carbon frame is good quality materials.

      Arkadiusz Radziwillowicz
      Battery mounting

      The frame looks great, I can't wait to do some flights, but can someoene explain how to mount a bigger battery to it ? Original slots are destined for 10,5z6,5mm batteries. I have plenty of 450 and 520 mAh (dimension 17x7x65).

      Cody Smith

      Very different. Plenty stiff and lightweight feel.

      Mike Dankś
      I love with 75mm Whoops because of NEWBEEDRONE

      I was surprised how durable and how good it handled. I am a sucker for injection molded frames. Especially the colors offered by NBD

      Aadric Allan

      Love these lil frames and they look cool with the carbon