Steadyview X is the upgrade version of steadyview receiver, the receiver merge two signals to one, avoid image tearing and rolling in multi-path environment , make image more stable and clear in challenging condition. The RX have IPS screen and shuttle wheel, use can the shuttle wheel to set the RX. The SteadyView X receiver have ground station KIT, user can use it on any monitor or goggles which have AV IN port. Also the steadyview X have ELRS backpack build in, user can use ELRS TX backpack and Lua scrip to sychornize the VTX and VRX.

IPS Screen
Shuttle Wheel control
Ground Station Kit
ELRS backpack building

High sensitivity receiver: -98dBm±1dBm
Wild range voltage input: 2~6S lipo
USB C: support firmware update or power on the RX
3.5mm: Video and Audio output

Package include:
Steadyview X receiver module
SKY04/EV300O/COBRA/Fatshark module bay cover
Ground station KIT
XT60-Barrel connector power cable
3.5mm Video out cable
1 patch and 1 omi antenna



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Paul Morales

    Awsome job and the skiview works great too

    Aadric Allan
    good power

    good range i love it

    Be aware, no audio

    Got this to have live audio with my hd systems (don't fly analogue anymore) but this advertising in the description is false - the printed documentation with the vrx states NO AUDIO and after testing that turned out to be the case. So spent $120 on a vrx that's useless to me. Thanks Skyzone :(