NewBeeDrone AcroBee65 BLV4 BNF ELRS2.4G 27000KV

How to Video:
Internal ELRS Rx Firmware flashing:

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Flight Controller: BeeBrain BLv4 ELRS
MCU: STM32F411
VTX: Switchable output power from 5mw- 25mw(for Racing) - SmartMAX(SmartMax up to 400mw)  with BeeTX 5.8Ghz Antenna
ESC: 12A BLHeliS Pre-Flash with Bluejay 0.16 target: S-H-40 48kHz 
ESC Connector: JST-1.0 3Pin
OSD: NBD7456 Graphical OSD compatible with Betaflight OSD
Receiver: ELRS2.4 Diversity receiver(ESP32 compatible with wifi&bluetooth firmware update) 2.4G T-Antenna(Top) & 2.4G antenna with MHF3 Connector (bottom)
Flight Controller Weight: 6.5g(Include antennas and battery connector)
Flight Controller Size: Outer dimensions: 29x29x7.6mm
Flight Controller Holes: 25.5x25.5mm
Battery input: 1-2S (Preset only support 1S, 2S will need throttle cap at less 50%)
Uart2: Tx&Rx for ExpressLRS2.4G Receiver 
Uart1:  Tx&Rx free
Power Connector: NBD-PH2.0 connector

Motors: Flow 0802 27000kv 
Frame: Cockroach65 Brushless Frame Clear Purple 
Camera Mount: Goober Canopy Clear Purple 
Propeller: Azi Tri-blade 31mm 1.0 Clear Purple

Batteries not included. 

Recommend Battery:
Nitro Nectar Gold 300 mAh 1S PH2.0 
Nitro Nectar Gold 250 mAh 1S PH2.0

1. BeeBrain blv4 ELRS3.0 receiver firmware 
2. BeeBrain blv4 ELRS2.0 receiver firmware
3. BeeBrain blv4 ELRS Betaflight 4.4 firmware

All firmware can be found on our Github Page

Note: Binding process. power up the drone 3 times, on the third time you plug in power, the ELRS Receiver will get into binding mode. We are still trying to work on the ELRS firmware and make it able to just click the boot button to get into bind mode. Will get this update in the near future. 
Check out the video below CiottiFPV show you how to get into bind mode. - Thanks bro for showing this. lol 

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Andy Fullenwider
Caveat Emptor! Proprietary firmware and similar model names means easy brickin’.

Was really excited for this whoop. Got it in the mail. Brought it to work. Knew from past bricking experiences with NewBee whoops that I had to get the firmware from the product site on, so off I went. Downloaded the firmware for the whoop with the ELRS 3. Flashed the firmware and….. I figured out I got that firmware was from the wrong damn whoop page. The Hummingbird ELRS 3 that I downloaded wasn’t the right firmware. I was on a very similar product page, but not the exact right page.

These whops seem really solid and they look super fun. My problem with the whoop being bricked is 100% user error. My problem with the whoop though is that these these things are too dang easy to brick by selecting the wrong firmware. I’d love to play with one of these, but I think I’m done buying them.

Jeffrey Miller

The camera quality is subpar compared to other tiny whoops this size. Had to re-solder two motors after the first flight. It flies well though.

AcroBee65 BLV4

It would be nice if you shipped it with the ELRS 3.0.0 firmware aboard. My understanding is that pretty much all transmitters these days have ELRS 3 onboard.

Brian Hancock
Great Little Whoop

This drone is now my hands down absolute favorite. This little guy is super responsive and fun to fly not to mention fast. My only small grip is that I wish you could tilt the camera a bit more, that and the camera isn't the best but that's the same with almost all the little guys. The frame has held up to much use and abuse and just keeps going. I fly this guy more than my 5".

Great Little Whoop

Got the new 27000KV BLV4 ELRS acrobee and I am loving it. Great build quality. Smooth flight. I'll probably be building a new whoop with jst-1.25 motor plugs, but I 100% recommend this one especially if you want to stick to NBDs ecosystem.

Also NBD needs to update their instructions because in ExpressLRS Configurator 1.5.9, I was able to simply build and flash NBDs diversity receiver on the BLV4 and assign a binding phrase. Simple binding now.