GEPRC MK5D O3 DeadCat Frame


The HD VTX ushered in a new upgrade, and the brand new VTX of DJI O3 air unit pushed the digital system to a new level. The GEPRC team is also upgrading and optimizing the overall performance on the basis of MARK5. At the same time, it will be equipped with DJI O3 air unit to design the new MARK5 O3 version, the versions are MK5D and MK5X respectively.

The newly upgraded camera aluminum alloy side plate, 7075-T6 aluminum alloy is strong and durable. It can be fully adapted to DJI’s new O3 air unit camera, with a field of view (FOV) of 155°, and can support up to 4K 60FPS recording. The DC structure has a wide and unobstructed viewing angle during flight, which is suitable for O3 onboard video recording and direct output. We also specially designed TPU soft printing parts for the O3 VTX module, and equipped with air inlet cooling port, which is conducive to adequate heat dissipation at the air unit. GEP-MK5 O3 Pro version is shipped with two different camera mounts, which can be mounted with a full range of GoPro action cameras, as well as Naked GoPro 8/10, Insta 360 GO2 and Caddx Peanut, etc. to record beautiful moments for your flight.

This time, MARK5 O3 will broaden your horizons, fly beyond what you have ever seen, and bring more possibilities for FPV creation.


GEP-MK5D O3 Frame

  • Wheelbase: 230mm

  • Top plate: 2.5mm

  • Bottom plate: 2.5mm

  • Arm plate: 5mm

  • FC mounting holes: 30.5mm x 30.5mm

  • Camera installation space: 20mm

  • Suitable propeller size: 5″propeller

  • Dimension: 208mm x 193mm x 42mm

  • Standard Version Weight: 168.0g

  • Pro Version Weight: 197.0g


1. Upgraded lens aluminum alloy side plate, durable and more visual impact.

2. Developed specifically for freestyle with squashed X arm design.

3. Unique frame shock absorption design, less vibration, safe and stable electronic system operating environment.

4. With independent capacitor and buzzer cabin, the operating environment of the whole drone is extremely stable, no shaking, no jitter.

5. Two kinds of 3D printing camera mounts are designed, which can be mounted with a full range of GoPro cameras, as well as Naked GoPro 8, Insta 360 GO2 and Caddx Peanut cameras. The shooting effect is stable and clear.

6. Compatible motor mounting holes, support the installation of motors with 16x16mm and 19x19mm holes.

7. Add coral orange and emerald green colors to the O3 version to add more colors to your flight.

7. The DC structure is suitable for O3 onboard recording when no propeller in view during flight, while the X structure is more suitable for freestyle when the propeller is slightly visible during O3 onboard recording.


1 x MARK5 Frame Kits

1 x Battery strap M15x250mm

2 x Battery strap M20x250mm

2 x Battery Silicone Pads

1 x 3M Double-sided tape

1 x EVA GoPro Base

1 x EVA GoPro Base (with backrest)

1 x Set of 3D printed parts

2 x Action camera mount holder

1 x Set of screws

1 x Set of screwdrivers

1 x Antenna fixed tube

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
It is 03 compatible

This thing had a lot of positives - first off - it's truly 03 compatible. The TPU cam mounts do the job - I can apply gyroflow afterward without getting the jitters. And the TPU AU ant mount - it has a slot for the 03 antenna - allowing me to swap out or install AUs without having to disconnect the antennae from the AU. The TPU CRSF ant mount works too. I did remove some of the TPU from the TPU AU mount though - to improve airflow. But I'm happy with this frame overall. I always get deadcat frames - love that too.

Aadric Allan
long lasting

very strong!