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NewBeeDrone Cockroach Brushless Super-Durable Frame 82mm

Design Intent: Expanding upon the success of the Cockroach 75mm, the NewBeeDrone Cockroach 82mm frame elevates drone performance to new heights. Retaining the lightweight and versatile nature of its predecessor, this frame incorporates enhancements for even greater durability and efficiency. By accommodating larger 45mm propellers, the Cockroach 82mm frame ensures improved efficiency and a smoother flying experience. The frame's design is meticulously crafted to optimize the performance of NewBeeDrone flight controllers and motors, ensuring every flight is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Lightweight and Enhanced Durability: Through rigorous research, we've identified and utilized a material that is both more resilient and forgiving, without compromising on weight or stiffness. The frame's struts and key support components have been thoughtfully redesigned to better distribute stress from impacts, ensuring your drone remains robust and reliable with a total weight of 7.5g – a small increase for significantly improved durability.

Modernized Looks and Geometry: The Cockroach 82mm frame boasts adaptable FC (Flight Controller) locations and an array of mounting points, providing versatility for various configurations. It features two board locations with 1x1 inch or 25.4x25.4mm hole spacing – one on top and one below. This allows for the mounting of additional components like DVR or a 4K HD recording board. The frame's adaptability facilitates both standard and pusher-style flying configurations, offering pilots more creative freedom.

1mm Carbon Fiber Plate for Added Robustness: Included is a 1mm carbon fiber plate, enhancing the frame's durability. While optional, the carbon plate provides extra protection and versatility, especially for pusher-style setups. Note: The motor screws designed for use with the 82mm frame are intended for use with this carbon fiber plate. Using them without the plate may result in contact with the motor PCB.

Versatile Battery Mounting Options: Understanding the diverse needs of pilots, the frame doesn't limit you to a single battery mounting option. We offer various 3D printed, TPU battery mount solutions and eagerly await your innovative ideas.

Ease of Use and Affordability: Our goal is to combine ease of use with affordability. The Cockroach 82mm frame features refined key tolerances for simpler installation and maintenance, all while maintaining an accessible price point.

Compatibility and Recommendations: This frame is compatible with our range of whoop BNFs, though some models may require slightly longer motor wires. We recommend acquiring longer motor wires to ensure seamless integration.


What's include:
1x Cockroach82 Plastic Frame 
5x Silencer Sticker Foam to apply in inner duct 
1x Carbon Fiber Base Plate 1.0mm
1x 3D Printed battery mount for 550mah 2s Tattu batteries
4x M2 Screw to hold the Battery mount
13x M1.2 Screws for the motors. 
10x Motor base EVA Foam sticker.

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Seems like brittle plastic but haven’t crashed it hard yet