NewBeeDrone Inertia 5" DC (Dead Cat Style) FPV Frame

Meet the Inertia 5inch DC FPV frame - the newest addition to the Inertia series of high-performance drone frames. This innovative frame features a deadcat style design and is specifically tailored for the DJI O3 camera system, which offers stunning 4K resolution and eliminates the need for a separate action camera.The Inertia 5inch DC FPV frame is designed for optimal stability and agility, with front and rear arms angled backward to minimize prop wash and offer an unobstructed view for the DJI O3 camera system. The frame is built with durable, lightweight carbon fiber and is compatible with standard 5-inch propellers and 22xx or 23xx size motors. It also includes multiple accessory mounting options and features a modular design for easy assembly and maintenance.

Overall, the Inertia 5inch DC is a top-performing frame that is perfect for pilots looking to take their aerial photography and videography to the next level with the DJI O3 camera system. With its exceptional stability, maneuverability, and easy customization, the Inertia 5inch DC is an ideal choice for both casual and professional pilots alike.

What's included

- Carbon Fiber Parts:
1x InertiaDC Top Plate 1.5mm
1x InertiaDC Mid Plate 2mm (M3 Press nut Installed)
1x InertiaDC Bottom Plate 2mm
2x InertiaDC 5 inch Front Arm 6mm
2x InertiaDC 5 inch Rear Arm 6mm
2x InertiaDC FPV Cam Side Plate 1.5mm

- Hardware Pack:
7x Inertia M3 7075 Aluminum Standoff 20mm 
3x Inertia M3 7075 Aluminum Standoff 28mm
4x Inertia M2 7075 Aluminum Standoff 20mm 
17x Inertia M3 High Tensile Carbon Steel 10mm
13x Inertia M3 High Tensile Carbon Steel  8mm
5x Inertia M3 High Tensile Carbon Steel  12mm
5x Inertia M3 High Tensile Carbon Steel  16mm
5x Inertia M2 High Tensile Carbon Steel  8mm
6x Inertia M3 Cone Washer 

-DJI O3 VTX Hardware:
2x CNC Aluminum Parts
5x M1.6 x 8mm Stainless steel screw Philips head
5x M2-5mm screws

2x NewBeeDrone Battery Strap Large
5x NewBeeDrone Motor Wire Protector 30x7
5x Zip-tight 2mm x10mm

-3D Printed Parts:
4x Arm Protectors
1x FPV Camera and Crossfire Antenna Mount
1x GPS Mount (Diatone mamba m8 plus GPS Module)
1x Zip-tight Style VTX Antenna Mount

NetWeight: 130g (Not include the gopro Mount and Arm protectors) 

Inertia Frame 3D Printed Part STL File 

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