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    T-Motor's T5147 Racing Propeller hits the sweet spot between high and low pitch propellers. Finding the spot between power and efficiency, the T5147 will give you precise control on the race track.

    Note: The red propeller we received is not a solid, but clear red. This may change with stock.


    • Durable polycarbonate
    • Ultra-light (4.4g)
    • POPO Compatible
    • Available Colors: Gray, Green, Orange, Red


    • Length: 5.1"
    • Pitch: 4.7"
    • Material: Polycarbonate
    • Weight: 4.4g
    • Hub Thickness: 7mm
    • Mounting Hole: 5mm


    • 5 x CW Propellers
    • 5 x CCW Propellers

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