Returns Policy

All parts are shipped fast from San Diego, California. If there's an issue with something, please let us know and we will do our best make it right! Our vendors offer great warranties and we honor them fully.

NewBeeDrone offers a (30) day return policy on all new unopened equipment, starting from the date the product(s) was delivered to the customer. Anything beyond (30) days of delivery will not be eligible for return. If the product(s) received have been opened, used or damaged, no return options will be offered. If the item is opened but in brand new condition with original package, a (30%) restocking fee will be applied. The shipping cost for any unwanted product will not be refunded by NewBeeDrone (It is recommended to choose a return shipping method with tracking).

Please email to contact us and initiate a return. Please contact us first before sending anything back. 

Warranty Policy

All NewBeeDrone Cockroach Frames are eligible for unlimited replacements. Find out more information here

Other NewBeeDrone products carry a 30-day warranty period from the day you received the product based on delivery confirmation

Please keep in mind that this warranty DOES NOT apply to any costs, repairs, or services of the following:
  1. Damage resulting from crashing, misuse, abuse, accidents, modifications or improper installations. (Any burnt mosfets will be considered damage from misuse initially unless proven otherwise.)
  2. Corrective work done by anyone other than a NewBeeDrone employee, contractor, or distributor. 

For non-NewBeeDrone brands, we match every other vendors' warranty policies.

If the product is defective and out of its warranty period, please contact the manufacturer for further help. 

Shipping Policy

How long until my order ships?

You should plan for at least 1 business day from the time your order is placed until it is shipped.

On the weekdays, we do our best to ship USPS orders placed before 3pm and UPS, FedEx, and DHL orders placed before noon.

On Saturdays, we only ship USPS and do our best to ship USPS orders placed before noon.

We cannot always guarantee such a quick processing time. 

Do we combine orders?

We combine orders to the best of our ability and refund excess shipping costs. However, sometimes multiple orders can be missed and your orders may arrive separately.

Shipping within the USA

We offer USPS rates at very reasonable costs, along with reduced rates for UPS packages. Please note that these USPS shipping times are only estimates, and we are not responsible for any delay in transit time of your order when shipped via USPS.

UPS packages guarantee their deliver dates, and we can work with our customers if a date has been missed by UPS.

Free Domestic Shipping

We now offer free domestic shipping on orders above $100.  Depending on the shipping location and items included in the order, we may choose certain services.  This choice may or may not include shipping insurance if not chosen directly for your order.  We suggest choosing a service that gives you the level of coverage needed to your liking but if there are any questions or concerns about this, please reach out to our Customer Service team before purchasing, and we will resolve them for you!

USPS Priority and Priority Express - please note that we do not offer refunds on missed shipping dates when shipping with USPS Priority Express and similar services. For this reason we do not offer Priority Mail Express as an option. If you selected a shipping rate hat features a money back guarantee from the Post Office, and the package does not arrive in the time frame specified, then it is the customer's responsibility to open a case with the Post Office and request a refund. Once the case goes through please let us know and upon receiving the refund from the Post Office, we will then immediately credit your account. We do not open such cases on our end, as the guaranteed delivery date for Priory Express and similar packages from USPS is a contract between the customer and the Post Office, and we have no control over the outcome.

International Shipping to Countries Outside the USA

Shipping packages to outside the US can get expensive and various shipping options can take a long time. Generally, if you choose USPS First Class be prepared to wait many days if not weeks for your order to arrive. These packages are often held up in outgoing customs as well as in incoming customs once the package arrives in your destination country. All of the USPS shipping methods are generally challenged by the fact that the package is handed from USPS to the local postal service of your destination country. This "hand-off" often creates delays and issues with solid tracking information. USPS First Class does not provide any tracking for shipments to countries outside of the US. Even USPS methods for packages leaving the US that should provide tracking details (like Priority Mail and Express) often show only sporadic tracking details.

We strongly advise against using USPS First Class for international orders as it is the slowest and most unreliable shipping method available. If you care about your package and the cost goes above $40 USD, we would always advise you pick a more reliable shipping method such as USPS Priority Mail or UPS. 

1/14/2022: We have removed USPS First Class for countries other than Canada due to drastically increased shipping times, high risk of package loss, and incompatibility with Route Shipping Insurance. We will evaluate the return of this shipping method in the future.

We also don't like USPS Express for international shipments. USPS Express is supposed to provide you 3-6 day turn around at a premium price, but we've seen packages delayed by weeks using this method as packages get handed from USPS to the local postal service. If you are thinking of using USPS Express, we urge you to consider UPS instead. Your package will stay in the possession of UPS throughout its journey and you will have complete tracking information throughout. UPS Worldwide Saver is our fastest shipping method which provides 2 day delivery to almost any country in the world at only a slight premium over USPS Express.

Generally, almost 100% of the packages we send arrive at their destination country even if a package is severely delayed. We've seen packages 'disappear' in a black shipping hole only to re-emerge weeks later at the customer's destination. 

If you are importing into Canada, you can find more information on fees here.

Where is my shipment?

You can log in to your account and look at your order history. Each order will show if it was shipped and provide a tracking link, if available, given your selected shipping methods.

What if my package is lost?

If you used the US Post Office to ship your package and it has not arrived, it is your responsibility to reach out to the Post Office and open a case with them. We are not responsible for lost packages and cannot issue refunds due to such a situation. We drop all our USPS mail at our local Post Office and as soon as the label is scanned it becomes the responsibility of the Post Office and the customer.

Shipping Rules

  1. No Freight Forwarding Addresses: We do not allow orders to be shipped to freight forwarding addresses. We ship internationally to almost any country in the world.

  2. No Hotel Addresses: We do not allow orders to be shipped to hotels. Please provide a permanent street address. 

  3. PO Boxes: Shipments to PO Boxes are reviewed on a case by case basis and may be declined.

  4. Refunds: All orders that are declined by us due to any of these rules are voided with your method of payment and the order is canceled.