Updated Digidapter Cable Set for a Cleaner Look

This is a new set of cables designed specifically for use in both versions of the BDI Digidapter (the V2 Digidapter comes stock with this kit).


The new cabling design sits flush with the Digidapter V2 and a screwless cable management clip ensures your cables stay in place, with a strain relief loop to ensure your goggles never come unplugged.


Customer Reviews

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Nice Upgrade For V1 Digidapter

If you have the V1 Digidapter, this is a good upgrade. Cable management is greatly improved.

mike mesa

It works great

Stuart Taylor
BDI V1 cable mgt

A nice cable kit to tidy up the wires on the V1 BDI adapter. I really like the idea of a power switch on the V2, but with this kit it looks very clean on my V1 and I can just leave the end unplugged on the adapter when not using analog module.

Don’t trust the picture, it’s a lie.

The image for the product is very misleading. The lower cable that splits power from the battery to the BDI and goggles is a lot longer then thy actually show. It does not lay that flat and nice. It’s so long that if you try and lay it like thy show it sticks the plug up in the air. So if your wanting what you see in the picture do not buy this. I contacted them and was told thy are all built like this. Even though it looks nothing like the advertising. I think thy messed up but won’t admit it so thy are footing the bill to us. Just keep your old cable system.