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    Instruction Video:

    The second generation of the Beeceiver RX is here! This FrSky compatible receiver is even smaller than its predecessor to be compatible with even more tiny builds when space is so tight. Even though this unit is our smallest yet, the input voltage range is large! And if you need inverted or un-inverted SBus signal, this unit has you covered! With the User Instruction Manual, setup and use is a breeze! Check out the rest of our NewBeeDrone receivers.

    New Features:

    • Diversity
    • Multi Protocol (Frsky D16 & D8. Futaba s-fhss.)
    • Inverted & un-inverted S-Bus signal switchable


      • Dimension: 16*11*5.4mm (L*W*H)
      • Weight: 0.91g
      • Operating Voltage Range: 3~10V

      Instructions for Use


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 6 reviews
        MIchael HUlas
        A Little Confusing.

        At the time I purchased the NBD AcroBee I was a very new pilot to fpv, the procedure for binding was a little confusing but after watching the video a few times and following along and stopping between button pushing it did work fantastic. It can be frustrating, but I just consider this part of the learning curve. I honestly can say fpv is the most fun and exciting hobby I’ve ever had, I’m in my late 50s so I’ve had a few. To me nothing beats fpv.

        Jimmy Hart
        More Reliable

        More reliable than the FrSky XM+

        Gregory Greene
        Great little receiver

        I'm not sure what the previous reviewers had to complain about. I've had nothing but great experiences with this receiver. It came with the AcroBee65 I bought about 8 months ago. I've now transferred it into a Mosquito frame. I've encountered absolutely no signal loss issues, whether flying inside or outside. I will say the binding process was a bit confusing at first, but I've got it figured out now.

        Check out the test video I recorded when the receiver was still in my AcroBee65.

        Easily the worst Receiver I have ever used.

        Comes stock in the acrobee brushless and is absolute awful. About 20 ft of range and an RSSI that never goes above 70 even if you're right next to it. I switched out this receiver for an r-xsr and it's so much better.

        Jeff Grills
        Low range, fail safes often

        Flying behind a clump of trees the rxsr has no problems with, this receiver loses the signal and my quad falls out of the air.

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