BetaFPV LAVA 1S 300mAh 75C Battery (5PCS)

As pilots strive for greater flight power, a need emerges for a robust battery to unleash the quadcopter's full potential. Enter the formidable LiHV battery with the groundbreaking Z-Folding Process, surpassing the conventional Winding Process in capacity and discharge thresholds. With an impressive 75C discharge rate, performance soars. Its new design embodies explosive power, reminiscent of molten lava, making it the ultimate choice in drone batteries, empowering flights with remarkable propulsion. Equipped with a BT2.0 connector, operating at 3.8V voltage, it embodies the epitome of power and efficiency.

LAVA 1S 300mAh 75C Battery (5PCS)

Bullet Point

  • Featuring the Z-Folding Process, it achieves a 5% energy density upgrade compared to the Winding Process, extending flight time and reducing battery replacement inconvenience.
  • With a boosted discharge rate of 75C, it provides greater burst power for superior flight performance and maneuverability for unparalleled control.
  • With an extended battery cycle life, it ensures prolonged power support, bringing users sustained and reliable performance.
  • All-new LAVA Series Battery, featuring a new design that symbolizes explosive power akin to molten lava. 


    • Items: LAVA 1S 300mAh 75C Battery
    • Capacity: 300mAh
    • Dimension: 63.5*11*6.4mm
    • Weight: 8.3g
    • Power: 1.14Wh
    • C-Rate: 75C
    • Battery Type: LiHV
    • Voltage: 3.8V
    • Connector: BT2.0 Connector
    The below picture shows the dimensions of the battery.
    LAVA 1S 300mAh 75C Battery (5PCS)
    The below picture shows the discharge report of the battery.
    LAVA 1S 300mAh Battery

      Z-Folding Process

      The Z-Folding Process Battery demonstrates remarkable performance and versatile capabilities. Leveraging its low internal resistance, it enables efficient high-current discharge within shorter time frames, resulting in elevated discharge platforms. Compared to the Winding Process Battery, it achieves a 0.2V higher discharge platform under equivalent loads, ensuring consistent and robust power output, additionally, it boasts a 5% higher energy density within the same volume, accompanied by an extended cycle life. The Z-Folding Process allows precise customization of electrode sizes based on lithium battery dimensions, optimizing control over battery size and shape. Its battery performance is superior, with a wider range of options for appearance and shape, and its applicability is also broader compared to the Winding Process Battery.


      • Please fully charge the new battery before use.
      • Only use a charger designed for lithium polymer/Li-ion battery, and never leave the battery unattended during the charging process.
      • Always keep the battery away from flammable and explosive materials while charging.
      • Never overcharge the battery. The maximum voltage for a LiPo battery is 4.2V per cell, and for a LiHV battery is 4.35V per cell.
      • Never discharge the battery to a level below 3V per cell under load.
      • Do not store fully charged batteries for more than 3 days. For long-term storage, maintain the voltage between 3.8V and 3.9V.
      • Do not disassemble, crush, short circuit, or expose to flame or other sources of ignition.
      • Do not use batteries that are deformed or swollen. 

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      • 5 * LAVA 1S 300mAh 75C Battery

      LAVA 1S 300mAh Battery

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      Rockey Huff
      Great batteries!

      These are awesome 1s lipos and you can’t beat the price