Hummingbird 0802 25000kv Brushless Motors - (Set of 4)



- 0802 Motor Size
- 25,000kv (Designed for 1s)
- 1mm Shaft size
- Lead wire solder pads
- JST-1.0 Plugs installed
- 25mm cable length

Customer Reviews

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Juan Castillo
Good Motors

I tried them because they were on sale and it turns out that they’re good so I bought two more sets. I’m using them in 65mm builds but I’ve tried them on my 75s and they’re good for that size too. They are very responsive so I’m able to toss and float for a while and then catch full throttle last second without any issues. I haven’t had them long enough to comment on their durability but I haven’t destroyed one yet…

Mick M
I guess I'll let the secret out, these are durable!

I am hesitant to write this for fear of finding them out of stock the next time I pick some up but... Out of all the motors I've tried over the last year, these have shown to be incredibly durable! I have gone thru 3 sets of other motors on other rigs and somehow these keep working great! I use these on my 75mm builds and they have the power I need to catch the whoop freestyling inside and out! On top of this, these motors are 10-15 dollars cheaper a set than other whoop motors! The only drawback is the jst 1.o motor plug, which you will have to switch out to use an AIO other than NDB.


Great motors!

Love these motors!

I have a few Hummingbirds, and the Hummingbird motors have held up great! I'm glad they are putting out the 25,000kv motors because I'm not ready for anything faster, lol.

Frank gossett
Humming bird 25000 kv motors

Prompt delivery and the new motors work great! Usually great service from Newbeedrone.