CUAV CAN PDB Multifunctional Autopilot Baseboard

CAN PDB is a multi-functional baseboard of CORE flight controller, which provides abundant interfaces, integrates the functions of power module and power distribution board, and supports voltage input of 14~60V, and provide continuous working current up to 110A. It adopts self-developed ITT algorithm and has high accuracy power detection of 0.1A and 0.05V,. It has 10 power output welding points, and provides a 5V/6A and a 12V/4A stabilized output to provide power for external device. Supports the CORE modules of V5 +,X7 +, and X7+ Pro flight controller.
Aupport V5+ X7 X7+ X7 Pro CORE Units
  1. Adding PPM interface enriches the support of remote control receiver protocol;
  2. The power output is upgraded from screw fixing to welding process, which reduces the risk of loose screws caused by heating and vibration caused by poor contact.
Power Accuracy
Sustained Current
UBEC Stable Output

14 PWM Out

State display


Proccessor STM32F412 100Mhz 512K Flash 256K RAM
Input voltage 10-60(3-15S Lipo)
Current measurement range 0-110A
Maximum current range 0-180A
5V output max 6A,stagle 6A
12V output max 4A,stable 3.5A
Servo 14
Receiver Protocol SBUS/PWM/DSM
CORE support V5+ X7 X7+ X7 Pro CORE
Support Model Copter/Plane/Helicopter/VTOL/unmanned vehicle/Rover, etc.
Firmware ArduPilot 4.0.0 or above Px4 1.11.0 or above
Screw hole CORE for M2.5, other for M3
Work Temperature 20~+100°C
Main IO
USB 1 (type-c)
UART 5(Include gps/uart4/telem1/telem2/debug)
CAN bus 2
I2C bus 3
SBUS/DSM IN 1(dupont connector)
PWM OUT 14(Dupont connector)
ADC3.3 1
ADC6.6 1
SBUS OUT 1(useless when install X7/X7 pro/X7+ core)
RSSI 3.3V anolog voltage
DSU7 1
Size&Wegiht 12cm(L)×10cm(W)×1.2cm(H)
Weight 163g(include cable)
Cable Length 30cm(not include connector)

CUAV CAN PDB Features:

1–Support 14~60V voltage input, 110A current.

2–0.1A, 0.05V power measurement accuracy

3–14 PWM outputs

4–5V/6A and a 12V/4A stabilized output

5–Thickened tinned PCB to reduce internal resistance

6–Power indicator LED, visually display battery voltage status


CAN PDB Only, CAN PDB With V5+ Core, CAN PDB With X7+ Core

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