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    Introducing the NewBeeDrone FLOW 2004 motor!

    We designed this motor for balanced efficiency, power, and feel on lightweight 5" builds. They also work wonderfully on 4" builds (see suggestions below). Just like the 2306.5 Flow motor, the 2004 has high quality bearings to ensure maximum performance. High precision CNC machining make these motors look the part and deliver the performance you come to expect from every NewBeeDrone product.

    These motors were torture tested by the NBD crew in high amp-draw situations and concrete jungles before earning the NBD stamp of approval! If you are looking for a reliable and balanced motor for your lightweight 5" builds or 4" powerhouses, look no further.

    Thrust table:

    Use case:

    - 1750KV 6s for lightweight 5" long range 

    -1750KV 6s for powerful 4" setups

    - 2450KV 4s for 5" long range cruising and maximum flight times


    - N52H Magnets

    - 16.8 g

    - Steel Alloy Shaft

    - NSK / NMB 730ZZ Ball Bearing

    - 0.15mm Silicon Steel Sheets Core

    - 24 AWG silicone wire for outgoing wires

    - 7075 Aluminum Alloy

     - Mount pattern: 4x 12mm diameter M2


    8x 2004 FLOW motor

    40x Motor Bolts

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Brian F.
    Another Sweet Deal from NBD!

    I picked up a set of 8 for my Cinesplore cinewhoop with battery-less GoPro 9. AUW less than 600g. Not a lot of punch, but smooth resolution with excellent control. No problems for a heavy 3".

    Max Steffens
    Great for the price!

    I use these on my cinewhoop primarily along with a few others. The 1407 and 1507 motors on the cinewhoop just didn’t seem to handle low throttle as well plus yaw was terrible but with these it tightens up the entire builds flight characteristics and flys great!

    Ben D
    This won’t post

    Well I had an issue sent a support ticket almost a month ago, no response. The other 7 motors worked great. This is my 3rd bad experience with them. But it’s all water under the bridge. Hopefully my next interaction I will actually be a satisfied customer.

    Nikone Sysouchanh
    Butter smooth

    I like butter and when I get these motors, all I wanted to do was spread them on toast cause they were sooo smooth.

    Nice and easy

    Super smooth plenty of power to weight balance. Don't make it to heavy though or use the wrong size battery. If you do your better off putting the motors on a rock and trying to fly