Flywoo FlyLens 85 HD 2S Brushless Whoop w/ Walksnail Avatar V2  BNF - PNP


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FLYLENS 85 brushless whoop is an innovative small drone carefully crafted by the FLYWOO team that meets international regulations.

Equipped with the Walksnail Avatar HD Camera V2, the drone offers Gyroflow support and a 2K/120fps/4:3 native sensor camera. This enables users to capture more of their surroundings and produce visually stunning images.

The drone also comes with a lite mini HD VTX  that has lower latency than its competitors, with an average latency of just 22ms. Additionally, it features an onboard DVR, 5.8GHz frequency, 8Gb internal storage, and a switchable aspect ratio.

Unique design features include:

  • A three-point CNC damping platform for the camera
  • A bottom-mounted Walknsail lite VTX module
  • A high-strength PC injection-molded protective ring
  • A quick-detach structure

The carbon fiber frame has undergone a special carbon black treatment process. The reverse push propeller structure increases power, reduces noise, and allows for easy adjustment of the battery's center of gravity position.

The drone is lightweight and is equipped with a 2S battery, 1003 motor, and 2-inch propeller, providing sufficient power and longer actual endurance.


  • Small size, lightweight, less than 100g, lightweight 2-inch drone.
  • O3 digital transmission system, long-distance, 4K high-definition, low latency(O3\O3Lite Edition)
  • High-strength PC injection-molded protective ring enhances the strength and safety of the drone.
  • Unique CNC damping platform for camera, no jelly effect, records high-quality video.(O3\O3Lite Edition)
  • Bottom-mounted transmission PC placement compartment protects and enhances heat dissipation.
  • Quick-detachable frame for easy separation of parts.
  • Reverse push propeller power for stable flight and longer endurance.
  • Equipped with wireless control neon light strip and can carry external devices.

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