This is a Flywoo another smallest but most spowerfu l GOKU HEX 405 Nano flight controller packed with features including a barometer, 16MB blackbox, 6 complete hardware serial ports, I2C functionality and WS2812 LEDs on each corner. 

 It is specifically designed to be pin mounted to the Goku  HEX BS13A 4in1 16x16 ESCs but can also be soldered via pads. The programmable WS2812 LED on each corner provide low profile lighting for this tiny FC.


  • F405 BGA MCU
  • Barometer
  • 5V 2A BEC
  • Black Box 16MB
  • 6 UARTS
  • WS2812LED

  • MCU: STM32F405 BGA
  • IMU: BMI270 (SPI) 
  • Barometer: BMP280
  • input voltage : 2-6S
  • Onboard LED:WS2812*4
  • 6 hardware UARTS (UART1,2,3,4,5,6)
  • Supports serial receivers (SBUS, iBus, Spektrum, Crossfire) only.
  • PPM and PWM receivers are not supported.
  • Onbord 16Mbytes for Blackbox logging
  • 5V Power Out: 2.0A max
  • 3.3V Power Out: 0.5A max
  • Dimensions: 22x22mm
  • Mounting Holes: Standard 16/16mm square to center of holes
  • Weight: 2.3g
  • Firrmware : FLYWOOF405NANO

Customer Reviews

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Samuel Keyes
Sad…but still working on it…

I resurrected an old drone project after giving up on it a couple years ago. Trying to get my super 2” drone in the air. I bought this FC hoping it would fix my issue with the connection to my QX7. Sadly…it has not. This being the 10th drone I have constructed I am fairly good at setting these up but have unable to get it to communicate with my transmitter through my Beeciever.

I have multiple NewBeeDrone whoops and love flying them…but this is the only thing I have bought from NewBeeDrone I have ever had issues with.