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LittleBee PRO 20Ax4 ESC With 5V BEC BLHeli 2-4S - OneShot125, MultiShot Capable! - ESC - LittleBee - NewBeeDrone FPV Shop - 1

LittleBee PRO 20Ax4 ESC With 5V BEC BLHeli 2-4S - OneShot125, MultiShot Capable!

$ 62.99

Note these 4x1 boards come with the correct M3 mounting hole size. Previous batches had the incorrect size, and this has been fixed by the factory

This is the latest 4x1 LittleBee PRO version from FVT. Featuring the latest SiLabs F396 MCU processor which at 48Mhz runs twice as fast as the older versions and is equipped with more flash memory. These ESCs are capable of running the newest MultiShot protocol, which is 10 times faster than Oneshot125, giving you a noticeable increase in response resolution. Some of our pilots have been reporting that with the new MultiShot protocol enabled, these ESC outperform even the KISS ESCs. 

This board also has a 5V out pad for powering the Flight Controller, Vtx, and FPV Cam. No need for seperate PDB.

This board comes from the factory flashed with BLHeli, but you can download and flash it with the MultiShot firmware using the FVT_LITTLEBEE_20A_PRO version of the hex file. The only difference between the 3 versions of the firmware (Fast March, Crazy Start, and Crazy Start) is the startup tone the ESC plays when powered up. Everyone likes Fast March. 

See the great review over at Oscar Liang's blog that goes into the details of this ESC and compares it against the new DYS XM20 amp ones

MultiShot is so far only supported in latest BetaFlight or RaceFlight. To enable MultiShot use the following CLI commands:

  • BetaFlight (2.7.1 and higher): "set fast_pwm_protocol = MULTISHOT" and then "save".
  • RaceFlight: "feature multishot" and "save". You can also activate it on the configuration tab.

The absolute latest in ESC technology, in a super compact size. With the included 5V out pad you no longer need a Power Distribution Board. Just stack this ESC board with your Flight Controller, keeping all the weight in the center of gravity of the quad, giving a boost in performance and cornering.


  • Continuous Current: 20A, Burst Current: 25A up to 10S
  • 5V out for powering FC, Vtx, and FPV Cam. No need for seperate PDB
  • Size: 36*36mm
  • Weight: 20g
  • Support MultiShot, Oneshot125, and Damped Mode (Active Breaking)
  • Main Processor: the latest SILABS F396, MCU runing at 48MHz
  • BLHeli Bootloader & Firmware
Package included:
  • 1 x FVT LittleBee PRO 20Ax4 ESC
  • 2x connector plugs. 


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