GEPRC DoMain4.2 HD O3 Freestyle FPV Drone - ELRS 2.4G With GPS


DoMain is GEPRC’s new generation of consumer Freestyle FPV drone, It brings pilots the GEPRC team’s comprehensive technical evolution, as well as a deep comprehension of the Freestyle quadcopters , DoMain is made for the dream Freestyle FPV drone what we’ve been looking for.


  1. Unique structure design,Increase the stability of the frame structure.
  2. The new side panel design is integrated, supporting DIY side panel decals.Higher creativity and diversity.
  3. Equipped with sufficient power, it can complete difficult freestyle flight.
  4. Support full-size GOPRO or naked GOPRO on itself, Shooting all perfect footages in the view
  5. DC structure design, the frame looks neat and compact.The extraordinary high integration, Without Prop in the view, showing you a pure picture.
  6. Equipped with M-10 GPS to ensure the safety of every flight with rescue mode.


  • Product name: 4.2DoMain
  • Frame:GEP-DoMain
  • Wheelbase:194mm
  • Top plate thickness: 2mm
  • Base plate thickness: 2.5mm
  • Arm thickness:4.0mm
  • Midplate thickness:3mm
  • FC:TAKER F722 SE
  • ESC:TAKER  E55A 32Bit 4IN1
  • MCU: STM32F722RET6
  • Gyro: MPU6000
  • OSD:AT7456E
  • VTX:O3 Air Unit
  • Camera:O3 camera
  • Antenna:5.8G&2.4G
  • Motor:SPEEDX2 2105.5  2650KV
  • Propellers: GEMFAN 4023 – 3
  • Weight: 310g ±5g
  • Receiver:PNP/ TBS NanoRX / GEPRC ELRS2.4
  • Recommend battery:Lipo 6S 1050-1300mah
  • Connector:XT60


1 x DoMain

2 x GEMFAN 4023 – 3(1 pair)

2 x M15*200mm Battery cable tie

1 x Spare screw bag

1 x L-shaped screwdriver(1.5mm)

1 x L-shaped screwdriver (2mm)

1 x M8 Wrench

1x Left and right side panels

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