HQProp 76mm 8 Bladed Propellers

These propellers were designed specifically for cinewhoops and ducted drones. By using 8 blades, these propellers provide tons of thrust in a small 3 inch diameter profile. 

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  • Propeller Diameter: 76MM       
  • Pitch : 3 inches              
  • Blades: 8
  • Material: PolyCarbonate        
  • Weight:3.1g
  • Hub Diameter: 11.5mm           
  • Hub Thickness:5.5mm           
  • Shaft:5mm
  • Adaptor Rings: NO

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Malachite of Methuselah
Silky Smooth

These props are, by far, smoother than the stock tri-blade props that came on the Diatone Taycan. They feel buttery, and silky, but not at all slippery, as they make more accurate lines a breeze.

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Good Props for Squirt

These props are great for a Shendron Squirt, but you will need to trim them a little bit. When in flight it may seem to be quieter, but in really it is just as loud. The 3 blade props have a whinny sounds and the 8 blade is deeper. For slow flying and cinematic shots, I like the 8 blades, but you lose a little bit of efficiency. The 3 blade props will give you better flight characteristics when flying freestyle (yes, the squirt can do it with mini ducts), but with the 8 blade it will feel floatier.

Sweet Spot

These Props Hit the sweet spot for my Set-up.

Just KEEP your Guards on Your Cyne Whoop, These props are Brittle. BUT I LIKE flyin My Cyne-1 without Guards, SO I suffer the price.