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    Who can give us better details than Evan Turner himself about the characteristics of this props?

    Here is what he had to say about the HQR38 on his announcement post.

    "It's been a long time coming, but I would to introduce the Headsupfpv R38 prop from HQ! This props takes the best qualities from props throughout the market and somehow puts them all into ONE prop! It's incredibly responsive, has great durability for its weight and has the top speed that most if not all extremely responsive props lack."

    Check out the rest of our 5" Propellers here!

    Propeller Diameter: 5.1inch
    Pitch : 3.8
    Blades : 3
    Material : Poly Carbonate
    Weight : 4.4g
    Hub Diameter :13mm
    Hub Thickness:7mm
    Shaft : 5mm Compatible with POPO motor)
    Adaptor Rings : NO

    Includes 4 Propellers (2CCW + 2CW)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Quad flys nice with these

    Feels good in speed and "handling".

    HQProp HEADSUP FPV R38 Racing Propeller 5.1x3.8x3

    Great props, durable, plenty of power and most of all they are great in cornering.

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