Following the success of the Hummingbird F4 V1 HMB, The V2 brings highly requested changes to the table. Featuring brushless motors, our legendary cockroach frame, an upgraded Mark 3 camera, and a race-ready stable VTX, this is the Whoop you've been waiting for. Oh, and did we mention it uses BUILT-IN ELRS?


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Jay Reding
The Best Indoor Racer With ELRS Built-In

I love the Hummingbird as an indoor 1S racer, even when broken RX issues have broken my heart. There's something about how precisely it flies that makes it perfect for tight technical courses. So when NBD announced a Hummingbird with ExpressLRS goodness baked right in I could not resist.

If you like the Hummingbird before, you will like this version. The tune is very much locked in, and I really had no reason to change much of anything. The 18K motors are a touch slow, but they make up for lack of speed with some nice grippy props. Those Azi quad-blades are going to give you a good time on technical courses without being too much of a slouch on longer runs. Basically, if you've flown the Hummingbird before, you know exactly what to expect. If it ain't broke, don't try and fix it, and NBD has not messed up a winning formula here.

What they did add is ExpressLRS. Now, it's an SPI ExpressLRS receiver, so you cannot update the receiver through ExpressLRS Configurator and have to wait for the Betaflight devs to update Betaflight with new code. NBD is already working on ExpressLRS 3.0 compatibility for this board, but it is not officially out yet. Still you get all the goodness of ExpressLRS, including blisteringly fast packet rates and excellent range. I've loved my Hummingbirds with soldered on ELRS receivers, so this is already a great combination. Just be aware that if your transmitter is on ELRS 3 you may need to downgrade for the time being or run some test firmware from Newbeedrone's Github. (Look in the nbd-betaflight repo).

The new Cockroach frame has some little pads on the bottom of the motor mounts. Those help strengthen the frame and are a nice touch, especially when you end up smacking the bottom of your motors a lot.

What's not to like? The Hummingbird is a little porky for 1S racer coming in at 25.3g without battery. That's not terrible, but it would be nice if it could shave off a few grams.

This version of the Hummingbird also omits the LED lights from the previous model. I loved those lights when I was doing races with an audience. But that's probably not a feature a lot of people will need to use. It's curious that NBD still has the solder points on the board for the lights and the lights are configured in Betaflight. That was probably a last-minute change to the board, and if it meant saving a gram or two getting rid of them was probably not a terrible compromise.

All in all, if you were a fan of the original Hummingbird, you will like this one. I did not experience issues with motor connectors or any OSD issues as some have. And we'll see if this version of the Hummingbird has the same issue with a fragile RX as did the original versions. I hope those issues are firmly in the past.

If you want a 1S racer that is ready to rock out of the box, the Hummingbird continues to be one of the best. There's something about the locked-in feeling in how it flies that is very difficult to replicate. If you want something with a bit more versatility for this like acro, this is not the Whoop for you. But if you want to tear up some racetracks in your garage or at an event, the Hummingbird continues to be one of the best.

Bit of a Pig

This guy is SLOW. I'm constantly in the upper 1/3 of my throttle just to keep it from slapping the ground. For indoor putting around and exploring it's okay but for acrobatics it's lacking badly.
Flip over mode fails to flip the quad due to the shape so if you turtle your walking.

What else does it come with?

Does it come with the headset to see through the camera or do I have to buy one?

Elliot Carhart
Not impressed.

Buyer Beware! Straight out of the box, the OSD is glitching and I have one motor consistently hesitating. Tune seems ok, but overall product quality is below my expectations. Would return if I hadn’t thrown the box out prematurely.

Dan Eichacker
Every one is an improvement except for the engine soldering

The drone flies great and was easy to bind to my radio using Betaflight line command to set the matching pass phrase. Camera is a slight improvement over previous models. You will need a soldering iron as the motor wires break free from their solder points. This has been a continue issue with everyone of my NewBeeDrone tiny whoops. Hopefully, someday NewbeeDrone fixes this motor soldering flaw.

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