iFlight BLITZ M10 GPS

Product features:


  1. Using the latest UBLOX M10 chip, lower power consumption, faster star search speed.

  2. Built-in high precision compass QMC5883L. 3.

  3. Built-in Faraday capacitor, with 1-10Hz positioning update rate, which makes GPS have faster startup speed and star receiving speed.

  4. 18*18mm ceramic antenna provides the best balance and performance for current GPS modules, low power consumption, strong signal and light weight.

  5. On-board LNA low noise amplifier and RF filter provide excellent working environment for GPS module.

  6. Up to 10HZ refresh rate.

  7. Built-in Flash, users can set GPS parameters by themselves using U-center or other software, configuration modification will be stored to Flash, no loss of parameters after power failure.

 Product parameters:


  1. GPS module protocol: Ublox/NMEA
  2. Speed accuracy: 0.05m/s
  3. Cold start: 26 s
  4. Hot start: 1 s
  5. Tracking sensitivity: -167dBm
  6. Input voltage: 3.3~5.5V(typical 5V)
  1. Maximum altitude: 50000m
  2. Maximum speed: 500m/s
  3. Maximum acceleration: 4G
  4. Baud rate: 4800-115200bps (115200bps recommended)
  5. GPS module size:20*21*6.5mm
  1. Antenna size: 18*18
  2. Weight: 5.2 g (±0.5g)

pin definition:


1.VCC: system main power supply, supply voltage is 5V, current is about 40mA when working

2.GND: Ground

  1. RXD: data input

4.TXD: Data output

5.SDA: Serial Data - I2C Master/Slave Data

6.DCL: Serial Clock - I2C Master/Slave Clock

 Definition of indicators:

  1. Blue light, TX light, the blue light blinks on power up, indicating that there is data output.
  2. Red light, PPS light, not positioned red light is not lit, 3D positioning, the red light began to flash.



Customer Reviews

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Easy upgrade from basic GPS module. Works great for my INAV conversion.

Vinh Ho
iFlight BLITZ M10 GPS

an awesome gps module! super fast gps lock

Excellent GPS and Compass Combo

Quick satellite locks from a cold boot!