4 units of 48mm long "race wire" meant for the ImpulseRC Apex Frame.

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Customer Reviews

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A Morris
Cool thing about Apex parts...

They all go on an Apex. These are no different.

The red looks nice but I encourage you all to keep buying the other colors since red was all that was in stock anywhere in the literal galaxy.

Brian Richtmyer

Everything worked as planned I always put my trust in Newbeedrone🤘😎🤘

Jake B
“This is the way”

I love the tight form factor and the durability. ImpulseRC has been my go to since the Reverb. Do make sure your screws are tight after a few flights. Haha. Ordering from NewBeeDrone is awesome too. Got it in just a few days and their service is great too.

Damian Taylor
Race wire

This product is excellent. I secured the race wire with two-sided gorilla tape, and it’s held. The pads are an excellent size for a beginner Solderer.

Justin Medina
perfect fitment

I double tape them to the arms and their fitment is perfect, also prevent from bent blades cut the motor wires. Reason why I installed them is because I evolved my apex from 5 to 6" and needed wire extensions. High quality soldering pads.