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    This frame was designed tested and tuned by DZ to be the ultimate 1s outdoor proximity flyer! It uses all of the same components that you already use for your brushless BnF NewBeeDrone whoops, so just install the AIO and motors into the mosquito (soldering the motor wires is required), swap the props to the 40mm azi and enjoy what DZ calls that "good good" flight. 



    • 1x Mosquito Frame weight 5.93g
    • 1x Mounting Hardware Set


    Build Video:

    Compatible with the following: 

    Standard BL Whoop FC:

    • BeeBrainBL V1 FC
    • BeeBrainBL V2 FC

    0802 Motors:

    40mm Propellers:

    300 Gold Battery:


    3D Print part file


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    NBD Mosquito frame

    I highly recommend this frame when it comes to swapping your whoop to an open props micro TP. I've got 3x frames and I modded it to shave off weight down to 4.1g I wish I can post a picture to share here.

    Mark Klassy
    Zero customer service

    Had an issue with what i purchased, emailed support about it and never heard back.

    Cody R Smith
    Strongest micro available

    Super duper strong for its size. I prefer using 2s or higher as it’s not the lightest micro frame.

    NBD Mosquito frame

    I bought this frame and did some weight saving from 5.8g to 4.1g now. Put my HM diamond aio whoop board, BTfpv 1102 18000kv motors, ANT cam, crux3 canopy, 2023x3 props. It is my best favourite 2" flyer.

    Christopher Hopkins
    Great little carbon fiber frame.

    Love flying this guy around the house or down the street. Fun and durable.

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