Introducing the newest brushed motor from Newbeedrone. With windings made from the tail hairs of the elusive unicorn bee, these are some of the fastest brushed motors out in the wild.

These work best with the cockroach frame if each of the nubs supporting the motors from the bottom are trimmed down 2mm (optional). These are even faster than our Gold Motors. While flight time is decreased, grins per minute are definitely up. If you have been itching for some more speed, give these unicorns a try.



      Unicorn Edition Motors

      • KV: 25,500
      • Speed: 93,000 RPM (@ 3.7V)
      • Current Load: 1.0A (@ 3.7V, direct drive)
      • Lifetime Rating: 4-5 hours
      • No Load Current: 200 mA¬†
      • Start Torque: 22
      • Stall Current: 4500 mA
      • Terminal Resistance: 0.7 Ohms
      • Operating Voltage: 0.5 - 4.35 V


        • Can Diameter: 6mm
        • Can Length: 17mm
        • Shaft Diameter: 0.8mm
        • Shaft Length: 5mm
        • Weight: 2g¬†
        • Wire Length: 30mm
        • Plug:¬†Micro-JST-1.25

        Package Includes:

        • 4 NBD Unicorn motors (2 CW, 2 CCW)

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 37 reviews
        best brushed motors

        flight times are pretty low but these motors are the best feeling and responsive ones ive tried yet

        Jared Dunlap
        Still rockin brushed

        These unicorn motors are insane. I havent had any issue other then it will flat line my older batteries quick.

        Wes Hearn
        Good motors, hard to work with

        I bought a set of these and plucked a red and blue wire in one of them just trying to get them in the frame. Contacted newbeedrone about it (god tier costumer service by the way), and they were generous enough to give me a whole new set. My luck is terrible because I broke 2 more red and blue wired motors trying to get them in and out of frames. Found out that if you push too hard on a motor trying to force it down into the frame, it breaks. If you get the motors, be incredibly gentle with them, although it’s hard to. Really was looking forward to testing them out


        Beautiful motors that pack a punch! Would recommend with a FC that you trust to be able to power these as I did run into issues with a cheap board not being able to supply the power required even with a good battery.

        Ray K
        Super fast

        And super hot